Media Lies

The “Putin evil” meme is overplayed and incorrect

Americans need to wake up to the fact that America has killed 1000 times more civilians in the last 60 years than Russia. We have invaded dozens more countries than Russia in the last 60 years and we have bombed over 30 countries.

Why is America allowed to defend her borders, except under Democrats, yet Russians are not? Putin had multiple reasons for attacking, yet Americans pay zero attention to international news.

– Civil War – Ukraine has murdered many civilians in Donetsk and Lahansk. This war has been going on for many years, most recently, full-on the last 8 years.

– Biological weapons – Yes, America and Western Nations are researching biological weapons on the border of Russia, in Ukraine. This has been proven and they’ve been doing it for many years.

– Nazis – The Azof battalion is real and this is an active military group in the Ukrainian army. The “Zelensky is Jew”  argument is stupid. If you have a Neo-Nazi battalion and you are using them to kill Russians and Jewish people, you are supporting Nazis!

– NATO – America and the Western Nations have been pushing closer and closer to Russia. The Russian people know it and 70% of the Russian people support Putin and his attack on Ukraine, unlike America, where feeble Joe barely scrapes away 35% favorability.

Why was it okay for America to threaten Russia after they put missiles in Cuba, yet when we want to put missiles in Ukraine and other Russian border countries, they are evil for defending themselves?

I am not a Putin stooge. I believe if we are going to call him evil, perhaps we should look at ourselves first.

Remember, abortion, child murder, is legal through all nine months in the United States, and ONE MILLION human beings are slaughtered in the womb every year. Western Nations have already started policies to allow executing children after they are born.

Don’t talk to me about morality.

American people need to seriously wake up. Democrats, the Democrat-controlled media and RINO Republicans have manipulated you for many years with “orange man bad.” To this day they are illegally and immorally pursuing charges against President Trump.

For years it was Russia, Russia, Russia. Yet the only people who were illegally involved with criminal activity in other countries were Hunter and Joe biden WITH UKRAINE.

Now they are doing it with “Putin evil.”

Twitter Turns More To The Dark Side

New (anti-America) Twitter CEO’s First Decision: Ban Mean Memes.


It’s Time To Stand Up To The Vaccine Tyrants

Citizens of the world, PFIZER and ASTRAZENECA PAID lobbyists to pressure our politicians. We know they also donate massive amounts of money to our politicians. The pharmaceutical companies are working with THE POLITICIANS TO KEEP THE WORLD IN PANIC SO THEY CAN FORCE THEIR VACCINES ON US!

They profit from our fear. The pharmaceutical companies make money while the politicians gain power. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Haven’t we had enough of these political and pharmaceutical tyrants controlling our lives?

The KKK Democrats Accuse Republicans Of Starting Another Civil War

Anti-American Democrats claim Jan. 6 was the “Worst Attack on Our Democracy Since the Civil War.” The only person murdered on that day was Ashli Babbitt, and the Democrats won’t release the name of the officer who executed her.

Doesn’t anyone else see the irony of that statement coming from the KKK Democrats, people who were directly responsible for the Civil War attack on the United States, people who hanged and murdered black people?

Every day Democrats work hard to tear down the Republic of the United States of America, and only when they are pretending to be patriotic do they wave our flag and support what they refer to as our “democracy.”