21st Century Great Awakening

Black, Patriotic Women Are Murdered By The Police, Media Yawns

When Democrats loot, murder and burn, police stand by and do nothing. When American patriots get together for actual, peaceful protests, WE ARE MURDERED BY THE POLICE.

Two patriotic women were killed by the police on January 6th. One of them was a black woman. This just goes to show, Democrats don’t care about black people, they only care if they can use them for their agenda.

Goodbye America

Democrats, with the permission of RINO Republicans, are filling up the United States with millions of illegal aliens. I don’t think we’ll be able to survive this.

We’re watching the end of the American way.

Standing Up To Tyrants

It’s about time!

For too long, Republicans have been allowing Democrat tyrants to do whatever they want, whenever they want. It’s about time we stand up to them.

Governor Abbott, don’t back down!


Independence Day climate reality

Hint, we’re not getting warmer!