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“Sing a Little Louder (Persecuted Church)”

Christians used to do everything possible to hide from the reality of the Holocaust in Germany. Today, they do the same thing with abortion, all around the world.

Decriminalized murder leads to psychotic behavior


In Wisconsin, State Rep. Andre Jacque introduced a bill that would ban the use of murdered (aborted) babies for tissue and parts for scientific research, except for cells gathered prior to 2010. 

Dr. Robert Golden, Dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health at UW, is fighting against the bill. He made the psychotic statement:


“D.C. March for Life 2016 was not small”

“COMMON CORE EXEC REVEALS ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA: Guns, STDs, Islam, Climate Change, Dead White Guys”

Project Veritas has exposed Democrats once again doing their worst. their tagline reads:

Investigating and exposing corruption in both public and private institutions.

Up to now, they have exposed Planned Parenthood in their brutal, murderous policies, and now they show the desire of the Democratic Party to manipulate our children and indoctrinate them with their own viewpoints.

Unfortunately, it’s already too late for average Americans to wake up from their slumber. Democrats have already accomplished all of their goals to take over America from within. They:

– control our schools
– control the federal government
– control the unions
– control the legal system

A) Democrats wanted the Democrat votes from Latinos, and they are the ones who openly pushed for an invisible border and open policies which encouraged tens of millions of illegals to pour into America. They couldn’t have done it without the Republicans looking the other way, doing nothing to stop them.

B) Establishment Republicans wanted cheap labor, so there are tens of millions of illegal Democrat voting Latinos. If they ever want to get elected again, they have no choice but to liberalize their messages and policies.

On to the video.

What do Democrats believe and what are they teaching our children?

“The dead white guys did not create this country” and “Damn the Second Amendment”

That’s not all, watch the video for the rest!