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6 More Hours To Give A Tax Deductible Contribution To Help Me Walk Again!

Last day for non-profit donations for 2015! (If it’s 2016 already, you can still donate & receive a tax deduction for that year)

Donate here (GoFundMe takes 8%) OR

Make check payable to
Christ Community Church
& mail it to
21660 Red Rum Dr
Ashburn, VA 20147

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in the note area

Or – Make check payable to
Hope Fellowship Church
& mail it to
PO Box 3242
Sterling, VA 20167

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Call for Life January 1st!

Join the nationwide Monthly Call for Life Friday & Saturday, January 1st & 2nd.

Call For Life Today

Click here to go straight to the Call for Life Page

Every first Friday, and every first Saturday following the first Friday, we have an opportunity to speak for the pre-born as a united group of Christians. I know we are all busy, and many people already do things in the pro-life movement. We can all do more though, and the first Friday effort is one of the easiest pro-life efforts you can find, right behind prayer.


What’s the difference?


The difference? The woman on the left won’t get killed for removing her religious clothing and abandoning her faith.

In most Muslim, sharia law countries, if not all, the woman on the right would likely be killed, if not beaten, or certainly severely punished.


The “ism” salesman = Obama & the Democrats. Unfortunately, establishment Republicans are starting to act like that as well.