Queen’s Gambit Fiction

Queen’s Gambit Fiction

Have you watched the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix? If so, you’ve been brainwashed by another Democrat effort to make women what they’re not.

It’s a powerful fictional story of course, but it’s still fictional. Beth Harmon never existed, neither did a story related to hers.

I’m glad I didn’t invest more than 2 minutes in that show. I could see by the preview this was obvious manipulation. This female genius chess player supposedly came out of nowhere, never played in a tournament and beat all of the sexist, male misogynist pigs.

This reminds me of the never-ending stream of female superheroes, one of them stronger than all of the male superheroes combined.

Then comes the real world. Beth Harmon didn’t exist, Captain Marvel succeeded in making more people irritated at her real life and fictional Mary Sue persona and women in the Marines who take on men get pummeled into the ground. Yeah, there’s a video of that brutal pummeling.

Why can’t women just be amazing for being women? Why are so many women unhappy with being women, so much so that they will lie, cheat and steal to make themselves seem smarter, faster and stronger than they are?

Both sexes are starting to develop the attitude of “I don’t need you.” This is wrong in so many ways. We need each other. It’s not a contest of which one of us is better, we are both important.

This isn’t to say that women can’t be mechanics or intellectuals, or that men can’t be good at cooking and cleaning. Men and women in every working relationship develop an understanding of who can or wants to do whatever needs to be done in the home.

According to Netflix, Democrats and the Democrat-controlled mainstream media, girls/women are better than boys/men in everything, they just need a chance to prove it. If that’s the case, why are men in 95% of the physical and dangerous jobs?

The answer is simple, women don’t want those jobs and most women don’t have the stamina and/or strength.

Will there be a Beth Harmon one day? Who knows, it’s possible. There has never been anything or anyone stopping women from being chess masters. Obviously there could be one.

What you should ask yourself is, why hasn’t there been one so far?