No Vaccines For Our Border Patrol?

Our front line warriors on America’s southern border put their lives on the line defending us from drug cartels, kidnappers & gangs, yet, as Texas Governor Abbott says, “the Biden administration will not provide the border patrol with the vaccinations they need!”

How Can Democrats Threaten Us Like This?

Think about it. Over 1100 people have been killed BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE, yet if we refuse to get the shot, Democrats will fire us from our jobs.

Guess What? Democrats Lie.

Wow, Joe gave us the vaccine?

Not Trump?

Joe Biden claims the vaccine was not available when he got in office. That’s funny, so how did he and Kamala get the shot in December?

Joe Biden and the Democrats can lie about whatever they want, because the mainstream media circle the wagons around them and protects them from the evil, white supremacist, Nazis who might call them out on it.


Democrats Importing Coronavirus

Coronavirus is deadly, unless it isn’t. Democrats force us to stay in our homes and shut down our businesses while they import millions of Democrat-voting, coronavirus-infected citizens from other countries.

How many thousands of American citizens will be infected and killed just so that Democrats can get more votes? How is it possible the Republican Party has been so inept for 60 years, unable to stop 70 million Latinos, over half the population of Mexico, from flowing into the United States.