You Are More Likely To Die From The Vaccine

“Two weeks ago VAERS reported 6,985 deaths due to the COVID vaccines.  Last week that number jumped to 9,048.

There are now 11,140 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States.

Last Week: There were 2,092 deaths from the COVID Vaccines — That means there were 174 more Covid vaccine deaths in the United States last week than Covid deaths in the United States last week.”

Democrats Lied, Millions of People Died

Think about it, DEMOCRATS hated President Trump so much, they ALLOWED MILLIONS of people TO DIE of coronavirus who could’ve been saved by ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Trump said there was hope through hydroxychloroquine and other solutions, like ivermectin. Democrats wouldn’t have it. They wouldn’t allow a man they hated so much to be the one responsible for saving so many lives. Instead, they used Fauchi and other charlatans, including the CDC and the World Health Organization, to spread their lies that these solutions don’t work. Even worse, they claim they are dangerous!

Unfortunately, federal Republicans have spines like jellyfish, which means nothing will be done. Democrats are vile, evil people, and it’s time to start electing conservatives who will stand against them!


No Vaccines For Our Border Patrol?

Our front line warriors on America’s southern border put their lives on the line defending us from drug cartels, kidnappers & gangs, yet, as Texas Governor Abbott says, “the Biden administration will not provide the border patrol with the vaccinations they need!”

How Can Democrats Threaten Us Like This?

Think about it. Over 1100 people have been killed BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE, yet if we refuse to get the shot, Democrats will fire us from our jobs.