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Grand Solar Minimum Websites

There are some great websites that have tons of great material on the Grand Solar Minimum. I will list a few here, but I will put up a permanent page arms link in the next few days.

Adapt 2030

Oppenheimer Ranch Project


25+ NASA Scientists Question ‘Man-Made Global Warming

The right climate stuff research team is made up of former NASA scientists who disagree with Al Gore and the other climate criminals who have hijacked science.

Pro-life Apologetics

Get educated! Half of being pro-life is being able to discuss every talking point. Don’t let pro-abortion people put you back on your heels with arguments like “what about rape or health of the mother?”

Many pro-abortion (Democrats) people who will challenge you on the talking points don’t really care about what you have to say anyway. They will just make sure it’s a one-way conversation. Some people will listen. Again, not many.

Occasionally, you will run into someone who is ill informed, yet open for a discussion. Even if it’s one out of 100, you still want to be prepared to discuss the abortion topic with confidence.

I encourage you to pick up a pro-life 101 guide somewhere, or check out the many websites that have material, like Pro-Life Future or Pro-Life Action League.

You can also check out my YouTube site where I have hundreds of pro-life interviews and videos.


They don’t just report the news, they control and fabricate the news

Can you imagine how many lies the “news media” would get away with, if we didn’t have the Internet? “After Watching This You’ll Never Trust The Corporate News Again.”