How Many Washington D.C. Police Officers Are Anti-White Thugs?

If white police officers zip-tied the hands of a black, suspected criminal, beating him and knocking his eye out, there would be rioting, rightfully so! Yet when black officers brutalize a white man like this, violating his rights, yawn, crickets chirping.

Some of the Washington DC police officers are no better than Criminal thugs. Democrats turn their backs on anti-white, anti-Jewish and anti-Asian violence, as long as the perpetrators of the violence are black or Latino.

Democrats Have Destroyed America

Democrats have turned America into a joke.

Millions of illegals are already here and millions of other people are flowing to our borders. They will all become American citizens. Most will get free money, healthcare, housing and more, paid for by us!

Democrats have destroyed America. They have turned us into the biggest welfare country in the world. They will collapse our US dollar so that we will no longer be the reserve currency and we will fall into a tailspin from which we will never recover.

“Stick a fork in her ass, she’s done.”

America Overwhelmed

By the time Biden leaves office, half the population of Mexico and most of South America will be in the United States. That’s not “immigration,” it’s overwhelming and impossible! And seriously, who do you think is going to pay for all this?

No Vaccines For Our Border Patrol?

Our front line warriors on America’s southern border put their lives on the line defending us from drug cartels, kidnappers & gangs, yet, as Texas Governor Abbott says, “the Biden administration will not provide the border patrol with the vaccinations they need!”