Joe Biden’s latest move to make home ownership unaffordable

Joe Biden’s latest move to make home ownership unaffordable

The word unbelievable just doesn’t go far enough to describe the latest fascist move of Joe Biden and the Democrat party.

“Home prices across the nation are back up near a record high. That makes this a particularly bad time for the Biden administration to have rolled out its new “green” energy mandates, which will add $31,000 to the cost of a new home.”

In a comment that seems straight out of the TV show Monk, they appear to say to us “you’ll thank me later.”

“The Biden administration doesn’t deny this higher upfront cost. It simply claims it’ll pay for itself via lower energy bills. Unfortunately, the breakeven point is 90 years.”

90 YEARS?! Have we become so stupid in this country to fall for this crap? Sounds like “15 days to flatten the curve” all over again.

How did we let tyranny get so bad in this country? Why have we allowed Democrats to walk on us like we’re carpets?

What happened to once Great America that we have ceded authority and power to fascists like this?

We have surrendered our rights to Democrats and uni party Republicans, people who demand more from us to pursue their agendas. These people are disgusting, thugs who take advantage whenever they have power to push their New World Order on us.

“This is just the latest example of how failed public policies are creating a two-tiered society in this country, where an entire generation of Americans will likely never be able to afford their own homes.”

And the American sheeple say baaa.

Isn’t it ironic the country that appears to have more freedom now is Russia?

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