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Videos – the terrorists are bad enough, what about the “moderate” Muslims

After Islamic terrorists killed at least 35 people, wounding hundreds more, not all Muslims are sympathetic to Belgium, the innocents mourning, the killed or the injured.

One Muslim woman walked up to the Brussels Memorial, picked up on Israeli flag, tore it to pieces and hid it.

Swedish women put on hijabs in support for the Muslim community, not the people who were killed.


Video documentary – What they mean by “Comprehensive Sex Education”

Our children are being manipulated by people who believe our children should be exposed to sex at school using Comprehensive Sex Education” at any age.

It gets worse.


Republican establishment “in bed with the Democrats”

750,000 people at the Peru March for Life!


More and more people are standing up for the defenseless around the world.

The March for life in Peru brought together over 750,000 people. The annual March for life in Washington DC pulls in a half million every year.

We can end abortion, we will end abortion.

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