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Anti-gun tyranny continues in New York

New York TYRANT Governor Cuomo now decides people can sure gun manufacturers for violence. What’s next? Are they going to be able to sue knife manufacturers for violence?


Democrats Lied, Millions of People Died

Think about it, DEMOCRATS hated President Trump so much, they ALLOWED MILLIONS of people TO DIE of coronavirus who could’ve been saved by ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Trump said there was hope through hydroxychloroquine and other solutions, like ivermectin. Democrats wouldn’t have it. They wouldn’t allow a man they hated so much to be the one responsible for saving so many lives. Instead, they used Fauchi and other charlatans, including the CDC and the World Health Organization, to spread their lies that these solutions don’t work. Even worse, they claim they are dangerous!

Unfortunately, federal Republicans have spines like jellyfish, which means nothing will be done. Democrats are vile, evil people, and it’s time to start electing conservatives who will stand against them!


Republican Traitors To The American Patriots

Before the 2020 presidential election, I thought Mike Pence was a decent man. Now, not so much. He should’ve backed an audit of that sham of the election. The Democrats said “we win, sit down and shut up,” and Republicans like Pence just said “okay.”


Now we know, the vaccine does nothing

Democrats are now admitting the COVID-19 vaccine does nothing. They tell us even after we are vaccinated we still have to wear masks and practice social distancing. Most importantly, they are saying the VACCINE DOES NOT “PREVENT” COVID-19.