Videos – External

These are videos that we didn’t produce or weren’t a part of.

“Madam Speaker, tear down this wall.“

Lauren Boebert is saying what needs to be said. Why should Democrats build a fence around the Capitol to protect themselves from the American people, while denying the fence on our southern border which protects the American people?


Abortion Celebration

Horrendous. This video will make your skin crawl. Women celebrating the right to kill their children. This world has some very scary people in it.

Pro-life Answers To Pro-Choice Questions

POPlitics brings us Pro-life answers to pro-choice questions.

Will America Remain A Free Country?

“There is coordinated censorship.” Think about it. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other left-wing media work together to censor conservative/Republican, AMERICAN citizens.

“Shut up and obey or we will make you be quiet.” Tucker Carlson