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How many of our military aircraft were stolen by terrorists?!

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin admits “a number of (MILITARY) aircraft have been (STOLEN BY TERRORISTS AND) flown to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.”

The aircraft contain TOP-SECRET EQUIPMENT!

Note the pregnant pause when he realizes he has to make this stunning admission to the entire world.

He then has the gall to say “we are focused on the airfield and getting people out safely.”

Really? You can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?!

If a soldier allowed a military toaster to be stolen by terrorists, that soldier could be court-martialed and thrown in jail. Is General Austin really going to get away with allowing top-secret military aircraft to be stolen?

How many of our military aircraft were stolen by terrorists?!

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Biden Supplying MILLIONS Of Dollars Of Weapons To The Terrorists

Because of Joe Biden’s incompetence, the Taliban have possession of our Blackhawk helicopters, 100s of trucks, 100s of Humvees, 1000s of guns and 1000s of rockets and bombs.

There is a shortage of ammunition in America because the terrorists have it all!

Video – Over 6,300 People Killed In China

The Chinese government is responsible for the deaths of over 6300 people who were trapped in a flooded tunnel. At first, the government didn’t notify the people they were going to release the floodwater. Next, they forced people to pay a fee to leave the tunnel!

It’s time for the Chinese people to overthrow their tyrannical government.

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Independence Day climate reality

Hint, we’re not getting warmer!