No Justice, Too Much Peace

Us versus them.

Democrats obviously own the Department of Justice and FBI. They refuse to investigate HUNDREDS of examples of voter fraud all across America.

How will conservatives function under the looming Democrat dictatorship?

The Democrat slogan is “no justice, no peace.” Unfortunately, the conservative slogan is “no justice, oh well, we will march peacefully.”

This isn’t a recipe for success.

I’m not saying you should behave like Democrats. I propose that we think of something different, other than marching quietly and peacefully in the streets while the Democrat-controlled media doesn’t cover one minute of our efforts.

Look at the March for life for example. We have been marching for 47 years, quietly and peacefully, all over the world. Babies are still being murdered, 1 million every year in America, over 50 million slaughtered around the world.

Think about that. Over 47 years in America and babies are still being murdered, over 3000 every single day. If that is called success, I cringe to think of what failure would look like!

It’s time for conservatives to stop acting like pushovers. It’s very possible Democrats could flat-out steal this presidential election. Why?

Because conservatives let Democrats do what they want!

We know they cheated. There are countless examples of it. Why would we possibly let them take over the United States presidency when we know they cheated?!

Hillary Clinton committed federal crimes. Penalty? None, she mocks us and laughs at us.

Obama committed federal election crimes. Penalty? None, he mocks us and laughs at us.

The FBI committed federal election crimes. Penalty? None. They ignore the election fraud and they arrest conservatives whenever possible.

Conservative Americans have a serious problem standing up for themselves. They are the kids in the playground that all the bullies like to push around to feel strong and big. They have guns, but the Democrats know they are only used to shoot at targets.

We need a modern-day George Washington. It’s 1775, will we take back America or will the British (globalists) win this time?


United States Congress, it’s time for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to go to jail!

I’m tired of rich Democrats getting away with crimes that everyone else would be in jail the rest of our lives for.

Sean Davis @seanmdav “On July 26, 2016, U.S. intel authorities learned that Russian intel knew of Hillary Clinton’s plans to cook up a scandal alleging that Trump was working with Russia. Obama was personally briefed on Russia’s knowledge of Clinton’s plans.”


Once Again, “The Big Lie”

Once Again, “The Big Lie”

This article is about Joe Biden’s latest attack on President Trump, which I have linked to at the bottom of this article.

Why do Democrats constantly bring up Adolf Hitler, Nazis & Joseph Goebbels? Because Democrats are copying their methods of taking over a country. Perhaps their most powerful tool is Goebbels & “the big lie.” Big lies are more believable than little lies.


Psychotic Democrats

Democrats are turning Americans into terrorists who not only kill other Americans, they laugh and celebrate the murders.

“After the shooting several bystanders who witnessed the ambush filmed themselves laughing and mocking the ambushed deputies.”

What we are experiencing is a combination of a Civil War and a Revolutionary war. Democrats are using the media to make it seem like Republicans are the ones starting this war.