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The Thugs Are “Coming To The Suburbs”

The Thugs Are “Coming To The Suburbs”

Thugs who loot and burn America have been emboldened a number of times, as, repeatedly, Democrat leaders have told the police to stand down, allowing them to loot and destroy.

Now, those emboldened thugs say “f**k the police!” and “we’re coming to the suburbs.”


Hmm, I wonder what they will be doing in the suburbs? Hosting a tea party? Coffee and donuts?

No. They are now threatening to bring their anti-white violence to our neighborhoods.

For many years we have seen what Democrat controlled cities and States do to criminals. They embolden them and they let them do whatever they want. City after city has burned and been looted. It doesn’t take a genius to know what they’re going to do to the suburbs when they get there.

California, Washington, Minnesota, New York and other States have seen plenty of rioting and looting. Not once have the police been told to engage these criminals. NOT ONCE.

When the Democrat Antifa thugs took over downtown Portland, Oregon, they forced drivers to detour down roads they didn’t want to go. Police officers sat on their motorcycles and twiddled their thumbs, ignoring these criminals as they paraded in the middle of the streets, forcing drivers in other directions.

Democrats manufactured the Charlottesville riot, illegally canceling a legal marching permit, while pushing violent Antifa into the crowds, then telling police to stand down. The resulting violence was no surprise to anyone except for people who weren’t paying attention.

Do you still want to give up the 2nd Amendment? Do you really think Democrat-controlled police will come when the thugs are looting and burning your neighborhoods and stores? They haven’t come yet. So what makes you think they will now?

“This Is The End Of Hong-Kong.”

“This Is The End Of Hong-Kong.”

I believe what we see happening in Hong-Kong and Taiwan is now quickly happening in America. Democrats will erode our rights more and more, eventually eliminating free speech in public, as they have already done on the internet.

Democrats are no different than the Chinese Communist Party. They believe in rule by force just like them.

Democrats will continue to use hate speech as a weapon to silence all who disagree with them.

The American people have trusted politicians for too long. They didn’t realize the Republican party would allow Democrats to fill America with 65+ million socialist, Democrat-voting latinos. For 55 years, Federal Republicans have been traitors to the American people, lining their pockets with cheap labor, selling us out.

The End Of Pro-life Republicans

“U.S. aid to the U.N. should be used solely for “life-saving interventions” during the coronavirus crisis, and not for abortion or its promotion.”


I’m grateful for the time we have left with pro-life federal republicans in power. I’m certain President Trump will get elected again this year, but after this, it’s most likely the end for federal republicans, including the presidency.

I’ve been saying this over and over for at least 20 years. We allowed Democrat-voting, socialist “immigrants” to flood our country. Now, we can expect the socialist democrats to take over America.

Are We Actually Giving Up Freedom In America?

Are We Actually Giving Up Freedom In America?

“It is hard not to be disgusted by government enforcers who would brutally drag an elderly man away from a restaurant for the ‘crime’ of wanting to take his wife out for breakfast on Mother’s Day.”


Shame on the politicians who help create the “new normal.”

“Politicians with perfect haircuts issue “executive orders” that anyone cutting hair for mere private citizens must be arrested.”

Republicans and democrats should be working together to make America a better place. Instead, it’s as if they are competing to see who can do the worst while we struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats want to keep the world locked down forever while they steal every tax dollar that has ever been earned and every tax dollar that will ever be earned.

On the other hand republicans just shrug their shoulders saying “what’s the big deal? It’s not as bad as the flu.” Meanwhile, millions of people are being infected, hundreds of thousands are dying and republicans act like it’s just a walk in the park.

There are constant arguments about everything, from the effectiveness of wearing masks and protective equipment, how many ventilation machines we need, the distance required for proper social distancing, the number of people that should be in a group and so on. Meanwhile, without a proper, perminent solution for how to deal with the virus day-to-day, both sides are just doing whatever they feel like it. This is resulting in needless suffering and death.

Republicans and democrats, neither of you should try to dominate over the other. You should both sit down at the table and try to come up with a solution that’s good for the American people. Neither of you will get everything you want, but the American people will get what they need, true leadership!