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Bring down the flags, but kill the babies!

For a week now, America has been in an uproar over the Confederate flag. Democrats are acting as if it’s one of the most racist things that has ever happened in America. Meanwhile, 7,000 black babies have been killed by abortion this week.


Democrat pockets run deep

Democrat pockets are much deeper than Republican’s. They have countless heavy donors like Tom Steyer, “a billionaire hedge fund trader and environmental activist who spent more than $70 million on last year’s midterm congressional elections.”

Obama “The world is warming and I’m taking your money.”

Obama “The world is warming, and I’m taking your money.”

Scientist’s rebuttal, “Here is scientific evidence proving how you’re wrong.”


Obama’s answer “The world is warming, and I’m taking your money.”

Video – Are we heading for another Mini Ice Age?

Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity interviews John Casey, author of Cold Sun and Dark Winter.  With global temperatures having paused for 18 years, 6 months, it’s obvious global warming, also referred to as climate change, has not been a factor for a long time.

Click here to view my video interview with John Casey.

If we are headed into another Little Ice Age, wouldn’t you rather be prepared instead of surprised?

The Antarctic ice is growing, global ice is growing and there are record cold temperatures around the world.

Be aware, not afraid.

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