Everybody knows the weather isn’t “normal,” but the nonsense of “climate change” just confuses people. The world hasn’t warmed one degree in 18 years 8 months, yet the Democrats lie to the world so they can soak us for trillions of dollars. If anything we should be afraid of global cooling!

If we were to head into a mini ice-age, crops wouldn’t grow and millions, perhaps billions of people would die. We’re doing nothing to prepare for this, yet we are pumping tons of money into solar energy, which would be worthless if the sky is filled with clouds.

Click here for a live chart of sea level change. Notice how NASA started their data gathering in 1993. It’s not because data before that wasn’t available, it’s because the sea was much higher years ago than it is today! Also notice the level of sea level rise has only been 3.2 mm per year during that entire time. The last few years, it hasn’t gone up at all. Regardless, they’re talking about less than 1 foot of sea level rise per hundred years! I don’t think you have to sell your waterfront property just yet.

Here are some links to folks who produce regular videos on weather and the Grand Solar Minimum.

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I interviewed a couple of scientists. We Talked about the coming Ice Age, sunspots and much more! The first is Ben Davidson from