End Times

Is This The End Of America As We Know Her?

I pray America wakes up from her slumber and recognizes DEMOCRATS for what they ARE, FASCISTS AND TYRANTS. They have been calling Republicans those names for years, yet they are the ones WHO use technology to DOMINATE AND CONTROL American citizens.

Last week, Democrat-controlled social media deleted my Facebook user account, including 50+ groups, pages and over 8000 connections. I wasn’t the only one. Many conservatives were targeted because we don’t have the same groupthink as the tyrannical Democrats. In all sectors of technology Democrat’s are using their iron fisted control to stop everyone who disagrees with them from communicating.

Not long ago they deleted my LinkedIn account because I had the audacity to speak against Democrat-protected people. After some groveling I got it back, but Facebook said “sorry sucker, you’re out of here.”

Democrats promise they will take our guns away from us.

Why don’t we believe them?

Democrats promise they will end fracking, oil exploration, consumption of meat and dairy and they will force us into solar and wind.

Why don’t we believe them?

Democrats promise to use our government and social media to turn us into their vision of “decent” citizens.

Why don’t we believe them?

Democrats promised to protect criminal, illegal aliens, who murder, rape and attack America. The sanctuary cities are all over America.

Why didn’t we believe them?

Democrats said they would get rid of our police, the people who protect us from criminals.

Why didn’t we believe them?

Democrats promised to release criminals from jail so that they could pray on Americans once again.

Didn’t we believe them?

For years, Democrats have been calling Republicans fascists, tyrants, Nazis and white supremacists. They made those words dull, Just like if you take a knife and you grind the edge of it on a stone for years.

Those words no longer cut like they should. That’s why people can’t recognize Democrats as the fascists and tyrants whom they are. It doesn’t matter how much proof we give, those words are meaningless now to the average American.

Democrats use our schools from kindergarten through university to indoctrinate our children. Ask anyone under 30 today about the so-called switch of the political parties and they believe it’s true. They believe Republicans used to be Democrats and vice versa.

Democrats teach that they are the party of Abraham Lincoln.

Democrats teach Republicans with the ones in the KKK.

Democrats teach Republicans are the ones who whipped the blacks, sprayed them with fire hoses and sicced the dogs on them in the 60s.

Democrats teach that Americans slaughtered American Indians and gave them smallpox blankets to help kill them off. They don’t educate our children that Indians died from disease and that the smallpox blankets myth is just that, a myth.

Democrats teach that America was a horrible country who murdered countless Vietnamese. They don’t educate our children with the truth that communists and fascists/tyrants killed over 5 million people after we left that area.

Democrats teach that America, in an immoral and brutal act, used nuclear weapons on Japan. They don’t educate our children that at the time, Japan was a violent and brutal country.

Trump will win today, but unless America wakes up from their slumber, it’s a Pyrrhic victory. All we will wind up doing is kicking the can down the road as the Democrats consolidate their positions all over America.

Unfortunately, most likely, it’s time to start planning on how we are going to separate from these tyrants. They don’t want to live with us, they want to dominate over us. Democrats want to force us to think how they do and accept their worldview or be punished.

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Baseball Player Takes A Stand Against Tyranny

Baseball Player Takes A Stand Against Tyranny

Not all of the baseball players capitulated to the forced actions of the Democrat party. One man stood against tyranny.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Sam Coonrod said:

“I meant no ill will by it. I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I’m a Christian. I just believe I can’t kneel before anything besides God — Jesus Christ,”

Unfortunately, like the many other athletes who took a stand before him, he will probably be forced to apologize and capitulate. They will threaten him not only with his job, they will threaten his life, his family and his future.

Democrat tyrants have taken over America.

Be afraid, very afraid.

Black, Trump supporter, Bernell Tramell was executed today. The Gateway Pundit actually had the gall to say “motive is not clear.”

“Bernell Trammell, a well-known Black supporter of Donald Trump who was a community fixture known for his publishing company and long conversations on religion and politics, often delivered from street corners while holding pro Trump and other signs, was shot to death in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

Come on, you call yourself a conservative news outlet? A black man supporting Donald Trump is executed and it’s not clear to you why it happened?

Clue, he was shot “execution style.”

Democrats don’t care about black lives. They only care about blacks if they vote Democrat. Otherwise, they call them every name in the book, and they will damage them in any way possible, including death.

I know, many christians will say “I will pray and God will take care of everything, in the end.”

Yes, I realize we have a place waiting for us in heaven, but why would you want to allow yourself to get eaten by lions now? Why would you allow yourself to get dragged to the gas chambers now? Why would you allow democrats to destroy your life, your family’s lives and your future, now?

It’s time for CHRISTIANS to WAKE UP. It’s time for a 21st Century Great Awakening!


Hip-hop, this “music,” if you can call it that, is now what is most popular in America.

This garbage started out garbage 40 years ago, & remains garbage to this day.

Okay, maybe not all of it is garbage, only 99%.

Here, lose some brain cells. Unbelievable.