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This should frighten every American citizen.

The Pentagon, headquarters of America’s Department of Defense, the headquarters of all federal, American military leaders, is controlled by anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-patriot Democrat nutjobs.

Democrats have complete control over every single federal Department. Traitor federal Republicans do nothing to stop federal Democrats, which is why they have been so successful.

Why do you think Democrats were so successful at eliminating President Trump and fabricating the false flag insurrection at the Capitol?

Why do you think there were no federal investigations or audits that would have exposed the obvious 2020 election fraud?

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 20: Newly redesigned $100 notes lay in stacks at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing on May 20, 2013 in Washington, DC. The one hundred dollar bills will be released this fall and has new security features, such as a duplicating portrait of Benjamin Franklin and …

‘Misinformation Fingerprints:’ The Pentagon Awarded ‘Fact-Checking’ Org NewsGuard a $750K Contract Last Year

In yet more evidence of the federal government/Deep State’s vested interest in advancing internet censorship (or, as they call it, tackling “misinformation”), the Department of Defense awarded NewsGuard Technologies a $750,000 contract in September of 2021 for the organization’s “misinformation fingerprints” project.


At this point, if you don’t believe Democrats are tyrannical fascists, you are either ignorant or complicit

Because Elon Musk dared to give Americans freedom of speech by buying twitter, Joe Biden and the Democrats have decided to weaponize America’s federal and local governments to turn their rifles on us if we say what they don’t like.

“We have just established a mis and disinformation governance board in the Department of Homeland Security to more effectively combat this threat not only two election security, but to Homeland security.”
Department of Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas

Have you ever played War, the card game?

People are accusing Russia of stepping up the rhetoric. Here is the statement by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov:

“Nato, in essence, is engaged in a war with Russia through a proxy and is arming that proxy. War means war.”

What is incorrect about that statement? I think he was being kind by saying “in essence.”

I don’t understand how people can post pictures of food, bunny rabbits, cats and so on while we are 5 seconds away from nuclear war and global destruction. This isn’t being hyperbolic. This is reality.

America and Western Nations are openly saying they want to destroy Russia. We are not pursuing a diplomatic solution.

The New York Times wrote:

“KRAKOW, Poland — The United States toughened its messaging on the Ukraine war on Monday, saying the American aim was not just to thwart the Russian invasion but also to weaken Russia so it could no longer carry out such military aggression anywhere.

The aim was stated in explicit terms by the highest-ranking Biden administration delegation to visit Ukraine since the war began. It reflected an emboldened intent to counter Russia by giving more numerous and powerful arms to the Ukrainians, who have battled Russian forces with unexpected tenacity, sapped Kremlin resources and flustered President Vladimir V. Putin’s hope for a quick victory.

The American delegation also announced that the United States would reopen its embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv — another signal aimed at portraying Russia as headed toward defeat. The embassy, closed in the run-up to the Feb. 24 invasion, will be led by a newly appointed ambassador.

The American visit itself, led over the weekend by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, was completed early Monday and amounted to a risky dare to Russia, which has been seeking to subjugate Ukraine by force for more than two months. Russia has demanded that the United States and its NATO allies quit supplying advanced arms to Ukraine’s military.

Although the trip was supposed to be secret, word leaked, and Russia rained rockets on at least five Ukrainian rail stations hours after the visitors had finished talks with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv and then traveled by rail to Poland, which can take 11 hours. It is unclear whether they were in Ukraine during any part of those attacks or whether Russia had been targeting them.”


“Ukraine’s  railways and other infrastructure are important for funneling Western-supplied weapons and aid to the combat zones in the former Soviet republic.”

Right now, Russia is destroying the weapons we send as fast as we can send them. They do control the skies after all. Now we’re complaining that they’re destroying the trains that are carrying our weapons, accusing them of attacking civilians.

Is this a new tactic by America and the Western world? Have we now resorted to using civilians as human shields?

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austen said “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree it cannot do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.”

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken actually said “Russia is failing,” Mr. Blinken said. “Ukraine is succeeding.”

How delusional can you be? There’s not one example of Ukraine having the upper hand in this war. Not one! Does he really believe the Western propaganda?

The Times added:

“There was every sign on Monday that Russia saw the visit as a provocation to escalate the conflict. Besides the rocket assaults on Ukraine’s railways, Russian attacks in the east knocked out electricity for the entire province of Luhansk, leaving tens of thousands without power, local government officials said.”

Russia saw a visit by two of the top government officials in the world to a country they are at war with as provocation?


Have you ever played war, the card game? This looks a lot like “I – declare – war – on – you.”

Why would Russia perceive it differently?

America and the Western World have declared war on Russia

Now that Germany has authorized sending battle tanks to Ukraine, are you going to be surprised if those tanks are destroyed on German soil?

The irony? These German battle tanks will be probably be driven by Nazis in Ukraine.


Germany, America and the Western world have declared war on Russia. Western citizens are so ignorant and naive to think Russia should just wait to be attacked.