“It Will Kill and Subjugate Women”  – Hillary Clinton

“It Will Kill and Subjugate Women” – Hillary Clinton

Could Hillary Clinton possibly get more ironic? It just goes to show baby-killers don’t often think before they speak. To imply ending abortion “will kill and subjugate women” is complete insanity considering over 30 million women have been killed because of her policies!

Hillary the murder Queen said:

“This decision is a direct assault on the dignity, rights, & lives of women, not to mention decades of settled law. It will kill and subjugate women even as a vast majority of Americans think abortion should be legal. What an utter disgrace.”

Once again, more irony. Democrats claim pro-life people don’t care about human beings who are born, that we only care about people in the womb. Even that is an obnoxious, silly comment.

We all know if a person in the womb was allowed to live, that person would likely be born. Democrats know 50% of the babies who are killed by abortion are female. They know and they don’t care.

Selfish Democrats only think about themselves. They justify baby killing in so many ways.

When Hillary talks about “settled law,” this is an old Democrat trope. When it’s a law they believe is unjust they call the Constitution a dusty old book. When they want to preserve a law they like, that’s when they call it settled law.

Democrats always call Republicans racists yet we are the ones who are trying to end abortion, the number one killer of black people in America.

Hillary’s accusation that we want to “kill and subjugate women” is insane nonsense! I look forward to the millions of people who will be saved by ending abortion, men and women, regardless of color.

It’s time for the 21st Century Great Awakening. People are waking up to the lies and tyranny in the New World Order.

21st Century Great Awakening

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Don’t give up On Me

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It’s Time For Pastors To Take A Stand

Because of the 501c3 bribe, Pastors are afraid to be like the pastor in “The Patriot.” The Democrat-controlled IRS only goes after pro-America churches.

Does God tell us to be afraid of our enemies? No! There are 213 references about do not be afraid.

It’s time for the 21st century great awakening. It’s time for pastors / churches to be leaders, not followers!

Do Not Be Afraid

Americans Executed For Disagreeing With Biden And The Democrats

Americans Executed For Disagreeing With Biden And The Democrats

The murder of innocent people continues because we disagree with Biden and the Democrats. How long will decent Americans not speak out against this horror?

People are murdered because they won’t take the vaccine, given the excuse it would be “wasting the transplant because the person might die from COVID.”


Why are most of the people who are hospitalized already vaccinated? Why are most of the people who are currently infected, vaccinated? Just as many, if not more people are dying from the vaccines themselves or from COVID after being vaccinated.

What about doing transplants for obese people? Wouldn’t that be a waste?

What about doing transplants for people with multiple sclerosis? Wouldn’t that be a waste?

What about people who smoke cigarettes? Wouldn’t that be a waste?

Wake up people, Americans are being rejected for transplants because they disagree politically with Biden and the Democrats. This has nothing to do with their FAKE EXCUSE that it would be a waste!

The Democrat propaganda machine will probably delete this post. They might even remove my account. I would rather go out speaking out than sitting on the sidelines like a coward.

Many good people are staying silent on this and other topics because you know the Facebook overlords will either block you or delete your account.

Will we stand for God or will we cower to the devil? That’s a decision we all must make right now.

To be perfectly clear, I am not threatening violence against anyone. Biden and the democrats/liberals try to pretend like we are the violent ones. We’re not. It’s a fact that 99.9% of the time we are peaceful, Godly, helpful and we either clean up at the rallies or we don’t make a mess. If you don’t know that it’s because you’ve never been to a rally.

Democrats/liberals try to paint us as violent, insurrectionists. It’s far from the truth.