Monthly Archives: March 2021

In Democrat-controlled cities, the police are as bad as Antifa and other Democrat terrorists

I support the police unless they stand down against Antifa and black lives matter terrorists who attack and destroy us. When they ignore obvious criminals and arrest innocent patriots who are defending themselves, then THE POLICE ARE COWARDLY TRAITORS.

All over America, almost exclusively in Democrat cities, Democrat-controlled police ignore crime and allow attacks against Republicans/conservatives. shame on them for not doing their jobs.

If you live in these Democrat-controlled shit holes, you only have one choice, leave. You could try to stand up against the criminals and the police, but one will beat you up or kill you and the other will arrest you or kill you.

If you live in a city or state that is not completely Democrat-controlled, try to take control of the situation yourselves. demand that your police and your governmentstand up against these Democrat terrorists or vote them out of office!

Democrats Believe The Second Amendment Is Optional

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”
― Joseph Mengele

We Can’t Replace Establishment Republicans Fast Enough

With allies like establishment, Republican Mike Lee, who make sure all high-paying American jobs go to foreign nationals, who needs enemies?

People like Mike Lee don’t care about American citizens, they care about whatever group they sold out to. America has had anti-American, establishment Republicans for so long, I’m not sure if there’s a chance we can come back from their destruction.

Will we make it to the next election so that we can replace these weasels with Republicans who actually care about us? Only God knows.


It’s Time To Stop Pretending That Joe Biden Is In Charge

I’m not sure which bothers me more, the fact that the Democrats intentionally ran a candidate with dementia, circling the media and social media wagons around him for months before the election, or the people of America, who allow this farce to continue.

What would it take for the American people to finally stand up to these lying, criminal Democrats? Does Joe Biden have to take his clothes off in public and sing nursery rhymes?