Germany Is Committing Energy Suicide

Germany Is Committing Energy Suicide

Germans can pretend, but no, they can’t blame Russia for their energy problems.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel “reached the momentous decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022 after discussing it one night over red wine with her husband.”

This was way before the war in Russia. Most of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants were shut down before the war even began.

Yes, even with the extreme energy problems they’re already experiencing, Germany is going to shut down the last few plants before the end of the year.

Imagine spending $2,000 per month to heat your house. That’s the average German is up against right now.

Climate fascists have taken over the world, and these elitists will do anything and everything to protect their god, Gaia/Mother Earth.


Let Them Eat Cake

The New York Times confirms what I’ve been saying all along, the elitist, out-of-touch Democrats don’t understand the fact that the average American can’t afford an electric car!

Electric vehicles are an expensive luxury item, not a necessity.

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America Loses Global Status As Reserve Currency

Russia and China have agreed to establish a global reserve currency. This has been the number one thing that has kept the American dollar from completely collapsing.

Good job Joe Biden, in a short period of time you’ve caused the destruction of America.

Since our public indoctrination and brainwashing facilities, also known as public schools, don’t teach finances, most Americans won’t understand the repercussions of this.

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Shocker, Biden lied about the June payrolls report

Shocker, Biden lied about the June payrolls report

Did anyone else think there was something wrong with Biden’s June payrolls claim?

Well, we were right, he pulled an Obama on us. Instead of the economy adding 372,000 jobs, we actually LOST 315,000 jobs!

Combine this with the fact that 5 million Americans have dropped out of the workforce and you have one of the worst jobs markets in history!

With a straight face these crooks tell us unemployment is only 3.5% while businesses are closing their doors all across America because they can’t find enough workers.

Liars lie.

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