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True Statistics Of Illegal Latino Crimes In America

Illegal immigrants, the majority of them latinos, only make up 7% of the United States population yet the crimes they commit are horrible and unbelievable!

Obviously democrats and establishment republicans don’t want you to see these numbers.

Think about it, these illegal latinos are only 7% of the population yet they commit 22% of the murders! 1/5 of all the murders in the United States of America are committed by a Latino who crossed the border or who came to America some other way illegally.

While our own state and federal governments are clamping down on American citizens who are struggling with pain because of the new medicine laws, we now learn 72% of all drug possession crimes are committed by illegal Latinos! Again, remember, they are only 7% of the American population.

It’s Ok To Be White

I’m sick and tired of the anti-White racism Democrats have been pushing for so many years. There’s nothing wrong with being white, & racist anti-white Democrats should stop making us and our children feel guilty for something we have no control over!

President Trump Accuses Obama Of Funding Terrorism

Trump exposes Obama’s support for terrorism!

“The Missiles Fired Last Night at Us Were Paid For by the Funds Given to Iran by the Obama Administration.”

Obviously, this includes American soldiers who have been killed or injured in Iraq & Afghanistan!

Thank God we finally have a president who speaks the truth, no matter how unpopular it might be!

Ironically, Liberal Eco Terrorists Are Destroying The World

Australia is burning!

No, not because of climate change, because of liberals.

When the weather doesn’t do what these people want it to do, they take matters into their own hands, preventing controlled burns & lighting fires, KILLING DOZENS OF PEOPLE.

Maybe someday people will hold these liberal nut jobs accountable for the massive amount of property destruction and the lives they have taken.