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Parents Will Be Fined Or Jailed For Failing To Comply With Government Orders”

Parents will be fined or jailed for failing to comply with government orders if their child fails the subjective evaluations.”
Coming soon to America.

Yes, you can guarantee when Democrats take over in 2024, they will force this on us as well.

America, Democrat Controlled By 2025

How did Republicans lose Texas? Democrat-voting Latinos. How did Republicans lose Arizona? Democrat-voting Latinos. How did Republicans lose Virginia? Democrat-voting Latinos. How will Republicans lose America by 2025? Democrat-voting Latinos.

It’s not racism, it’s a fact.

Democrats Latest Attempted Coup To Overthrow The Presidency Fails

For almost 4 years, Democrats have been illegally trying to overthrow and impeach the Republican president of the United States.
Unfortunately, Federal Republicans Have only been playing defense, allowing Democrats to continue their Offensive push the entire time.
The latest illegal scam by the Democrat party and the Democrat media failed.

Dangerous Democrats

In case you’re wondering if Democrats really are stupid and dangerous enough to “Free Accused Illegal Alien Child Rapists, Murderers and Child Abusers,” yes, they are. They really are that stupid and dangerous!