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Memorial Day

In honor of the military men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, including LIFE, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Thank you and God bless you from all of us at Pro-Life UnityLife Letters & Monthly Call for LifeOrganized for LifePrayer PivotAdopt the Mills and Cherish Life Ministries.

James Pouillon – Murdered September 11, 2009

We would also like to salute the pro-life warriors who stand unarmed on the front-lines of the pro-life movement who have paid the ultimate price for the unborn. James Pouillon was shot just for holding a sign of an aborted fetus while protesting the daily murder in America of 3,500 unborn babies.

Pastor’s Letter – Full

Peter Shinn, Director of Cherish Life Ministries, traveled all over America to get statements from top political and Christian leaders, who speak up for pre-born children, defending them from abortion.

This important video features statements from Father Frank Pavone, Joseph Farah, Dr. Alveda King, Day Gardner and many more!

How The World (Including Democrats) Rob Africa

Yes, a lot of money goes into Africa, but more is stolen from them.

DEMOCRATS EXPLOIT AFRICA for much of their wealth, including $36.6 BILLION in “Climate change” costs.

“Climate change?” Don’t let facts get in the way

Fact: CO2 is not a “greenhouse gas,” which causes the earth to warm up. There are plenty of studies that show temperature leads CO2, not the other way around.
Fact: There are many more actual “scientists” who agree that man-made global warming is a myth.
Fact: The temperature has not gone up significantly in 20 years. As a matter of fact, warm temperature levels in the 1940s were comparable or higher then temperatures today.
Fact: There have already been more days with zero sunspots this year, than there were in all of 2016.
Fact: Less sunspots equals more cosmic rays, more cosmic rays equals more clouds, more clouds equals lower temperatures on earth and more snow/rain.
Fact: Billions of dollars of food has already been destroyed by late winters, constant rain and early winters. It’s only going to get worse.
Fact: 90% of the time, over MILLIONS OF YEARS, the earth is a giant snowball. If you think a little CO2 produced by mankind is going to stop that pattern, wow.
Fact: Don’t agree with anything I say? Who cares, as we enter into the mini Ice Age, words will mean nothing.