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A Den of Vipers

For 7 years Democrats and traitor, federal Republicans have illegally tried to put President Trump in jail. They won’t stop.

What is wrong with the American people to allow these criminals to continue their illegal pursuit against a citizen of America?

Why have we allowed our American Congress to turn into a den of vipers?

How can the Defense Department be such a partisan, hack institute that they no longer represent the American people?

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Ukraine dropping banned petal mines in Donetsk region

Who do you think picks up this kind of mine?


Has anyone else noticed Ukrainian propaganda is just like American propaganda, accusing people of doing what they do?

America, how does it feel sponsoring a country that is blowing the hands and feet off of children?


America Loses Global Status As Reserve Currency

Russia and China have agreed to establish a global reserve currency. This has been the number one thing that has kept the American dollar from completely collapsing.

Good job Joe Biden, in a short period of time you’ve caused the destruction of America.

Since our public indoctrination and brainwashing facilities, also known as public schools, don’t teach finances, most Americans won’t understand the repercussions of this.

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Democrats created a culture of violence and death

No justice, just us.

After being encouraged to attack Republicans by Democrat politicians, Democrat nut jobs continue trying to assassinate Republican politicians.

A Democrat tries to kill a conservative, Republican running for governor in New York, gets a slap on the wrist and is released.

There is no justice in America for anyone who doesn’t walk and talk like Democrats, people who can riot, loot, burn and murder, and still be home by dinner.

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