Global Cooling

Will You Be Prepared?

Will You Be Prepared?

We’re coming up on the greatest shortage of food in the history of mankind.

No, it’s not global warming, it’s global cooling!

The problems we’re having in North America combined with the Russia / Ukraine war means there will be major food production and distribution problems.

Prices will skyrocket and millions of people will die. This will affect the poorer countries first since the wealthy Nations will hoard their food out of necessity.

We’re coming up on The perfect storm of an event the world has never experienced, an everything bubble. War, oil, gas, water, political instability, disease, weather, supply chain problems, global financial instability, housing problems, car problems, lack of computer chips … Everything!

As if those problems aren’t bad enough, liberals/Democrats around the world are trying to get rid of meat. They want us to eat cockroaches and locusts. They’re using fictitious diseases to cull millions of chickens, while some parts of the world are stopping farmers from raising cattle.

China has had such major problems with swine flu they’ve been killing off all their pigs, forcing them to buy America’s pigs, which won’t leave any for us.

Obviously it doesn’t have to be one massive bubble that pops, this could be 20 small bubbles inside a big bubble. Each one popping on its own.

Are you prepared?

Food Shortages Are Guaranteed In 2022 And Beyond

Because the world is cooling, not warming, and because of the insane lockdowns over 2 YEARS and because of the war, this year, the world will experience food shortages like no one alive has ever seen.

Friends, get prepared. It will start with the poor countries. Africa, India and others will suffer greatly as they don’t have the ability to grow enough food.

Millions of people will starve.

Even though the Western Nations won’t die from starvation, our prices will rise significantly, even more than they already have. Shrinkflation will become more common.

An employee at the store yesterday grabbed a chocolate bar from the temptation section of the checkout and said “Ooo, look, smaller, more convenient chocolate bars.” Adding “This is great, I can’t eat all of the big ones anyway.”

I laughed and said, look at the price, it actually costs a little bit more than the big ones used to cost, and they made the chocolate bar smaller. That’s called shrinkflation and inflation. It’s a double whammy.

After standing there looking at the chocolate bar for a few seconds, processing what I told her, she said “Well that’s not good!”

In america, we are not paying high prices on energy because of the war. Joe Biden needlessly drove up the price of gasoline, natural gas and heating oil because of his war on co2.

Before Biden took over the office, Trump made America America energy independent. Even after Obama trashed the country for 8 years, in 4 years President Trump still managed to make America no longer dependent on foreign energy.

Thanks to Joe Biden we are once again energy beggars.

Because of this, the price of everything is going to skyrocket,. There is currently a temporary reprieve with gas prices. Temporary.

Under Joe Biden the world has fallen into complete chaos, and it’s going to get a lot worse.

China can see the weakness of America in Biden’s feeble hands and they just might use this opportunity to take over Taiwan.

There are things that have happened, there are things that might happen and there are things that are guaranteed to happen. The one thing that’s guaranteed to happen is that millions of people will starve this year.

Be prepared, not afraid.

To learn more about the weather and food, check out David DuByne’s channel on youtube.

Defend The Ukraine? What About America?

I realize it’s a scary moment with the Ukrainian situation, what about the tyranny in America?

What about the tyrannical mandates which are imposed on us and our loved ones who are serving in the military? If you claim a religious exemption, Joe Biden’s leaders have/had you discharged!

Thousands of people in military families are now forced to try to function and survive in Democrat-controlled America.

Even after their discharge, when they lose their retirement pay and pensions, in Democrat-controlled states, they won’t be able to get work.

Vaccine tyranny is still tyranny.

Blocking us from getting heart transplants is tyranny.

Blocking us from getting lung, kidney and other transplants is tyranny.

Blocking us from preventing covid is tyranny.

Blocking us from treating covid is tyranny.

Murdering us just because we protest against their tyranny is tyranny.

Forcing covid patients into nursing homes, resulting in the death of thousands of our loved ones is tyranny.

Blocking us from getting work is tyranny.

Blocking us from buying food is tyranny.

Taking away the paychecks, retirement pay and pensions from civilians and from our loved ones in the military is tyranny.

Tens of millions of illegals have poured across our border, 2 million in just the last year alone! We Republican and conservative Americans are forced to provide incomes, food stamps, healthcare and support to these people who will primarily vote Democrat. Countless Americans are being robbed, raped and murdered by the thousands of criminals who are allowed in without any vetting whatsoever. This is tyranny.

We Republicans / conservatives have already lost many of our rights, and Democrats / Independents don’t really care because it’s not happening to you. Your attitude is “sucks to be you, just get the vaccine already!”

Will Democrats or Independents stand for the rights of our servicemen and women who refuse to bow to the Democrat vaccine Gods? I doubt it.

Before demanding freedom in other countries, shouldn’t we demand freedom here first?

Over the coming weeks, hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to drive to Washington D.C. to demand an end to the tyranny imposed on us by our so-called commander in chief.

Manufactured Drought Adds To Supply Chain Problems

From The Watchers

DEMOCRATS KNEW that West Coast weather patterns were resulting in less available water on that side of America. It has nothing to do with global warming, everything to do with intentional, criminal neglect.

Democrats could have built desalination plants YEARS AGO, but they refused. They are trying to make it seem like humans are destroying the earth, and that we have to stop eating meat, stop using oil and gas, and switch, completely, to vegetables, wind and solar.

Now, because of their criminal neglect, there isn’t enough water on the West Coast to support the people and crops.

You might think “whatever, they caused their own problems, let them deal with it,” except it’s not that easy. You see:

“Farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley are abandoning their fields due to drought that resulted in water allotments cut by a third. Farmers in this region, reportedly the most productive agricultural region globally, grow 250 different crops on 17% of the irrigated land in the United States.”

A LOT of our fruits and vegetables come from California, and because Democrats have intentionally turned the land into a hellscape, shortages will become common, driving up costs. Available supplies from Mexico and South America will likely be expensive and poor in quality.

This can’t be fixed overnight. We are currently in a solar minimum, combined with a La Nina weather phase. We can’t expect water over there anytime soon, and it takes Democrats years to argue about the necessity of desalination plants, get the funding, build the facilities and set up distribution systems.

Whatever takes a normal person a year to do, irresponsible and corrupt Democrats take 3x longer at 10x the cost. Meanwhile, for the next three years, they will incessantly whine that it was President Trump’s fault!