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Yet another reason to break away from the democrats. We are not going to be able to run away from issues like this.

Democrats are going to force the indoctrination of our children in so many ways, including that AMERICA was FOUNDED ON RACISM.

Democrats are completing their takeover of America and they know it. They are forcing conservatives to retreat. We have no other choice. We need to pick a state or a number of states and retreat.

Democrats have already taken over the federal government. They have already taken over our schools, the media, the unions and just about every other position of power in America.

If you can think of an alternative, what would it be? Are we really going to the allow ourselves to live under the goose-stepping, tyrannical government of Democrat rule?

Article about the 1619 project being introduced into public schools.

Democrats – Evil Personified

Democrats – Evil Personified

Democrats are rude, jerks who now have complete, open disdain for republicans. Their hatred for anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs has always been known, but when President Trump got elected, they became more intense.

Democrats became demonic.

They showed complete disrespect and contempt for Attorney General William Barr today. Democrats showed us they care more for pedophiles than members of the Trump administration.

Democrats have been accusing Barr of “goosestepping” for Trump, implying they are Nazis.

Biden said today “I think we do need to hold those who violate the law accountable.”

We know he wasn’t really talking about people who are destroying America, tearing down our statues, burning our businesses, killing dozens of Americans and so on. Hes talking about any Republican whom he can accuse of doing something wrong, whether they actually did it or not. Especially Donald Trump!

As much is that man babbles, that was probably the most important statement he has ever made. Democrats should have been held accountable for stealing millions of taxpayer $$$ for over three years, using it for their fishing expedition, trying to illegally remove Trump from office.

As we now know, Obama illegally conspired with the FBI in their efforts to stop Trump from getting elected in the 1st place.

We also know Hillary Clinton illegally ran a government email server out of her basement!


If any other person in government were to commit such an agregious crime, that person would have been incarcerated… unless he or she was a Democrat.

If that weren’t bad enough, when her private server was exposed and her e-mails were requested for evidence, she hired technicians to wipe the evidence from her computer.

Again, unbelievable!

That’s not the most unbelievable part to me. Candidate Trump used many slogans during his campaign for office, one of them being “lock her up!” After he got elected, millions of Americans were looking forward to him keeping that promise. Instead, one of the most disappointing statements I ever heard from President Trump was “it’s time to let America heal.”

What nonsense! What stupidity! I’m tired of the Republican party rolling over and ALLOWING democrats to get away with crimes year after year.

I’m tired of REPUBLICANS ALLOWING democrats to call Republican, congressional representatives “white supremacists” and” nazis.”

I’m tired of Republican candidates making promises that they will never keep. Every election they promise to do something about abortion. Then, after we elect them they do nothing, except give us more lip service.

President Trump and Republican party, you should have thrown Hillary in jail. For the last 4 years, she has been traveling the world, lying about how the election was stolen from her, and threatening to throw President Trump in office when democrats take over again.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly entered into congressional records her accusation of misconduct by representative Yoho, Republicans should have stood up to this vile woman and demanded that she recant her statement. Instead, once again, democrats have successfully made a decent, Republican appear as if he is a misogynist jerk.

Republican party, grow a spine already!

Famous Last Words By A BLM Protester

The head of the Austin, Texas, police union blamed a Black Lives Matter protester for the confrontation in which the man was shot dead, saying the demonstrator was “looking for a confrontation and found it.”

“I think all the people that hate us and want to say s–t to us are too big of p—s to stop and do anything about it.”

That’s how this guy will be remembered. Shot dead in the middle of the street, blocking traffic with an AK47 rifle in his hands.

You think he’d have chosen some different last words to be remembered by.

New York Post Article

Another Important Coronavirus Video Blocked By The Democrat Party And Their Social Media

Another Important Coronavirus Video Blocked By The Democrat Party And Their Social Media

Democrats continue to block information about coronavirus they don’t agree with. Monday’s live stream by “America’s Frontline Doctors” was shut down after it had 17 MILLION VIEWS. President Trump, please direct the world to this video at Breitbart. (Link at the bottom)

“There has not been one case of covied having been transferred to a teacher in the world.”

Don’t you think that’s information the American people deserve to hear? Why are democrats blocking everything they disagree with?

As usual, the Democrat playbook is “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” They are using the virus to further their agenda. Democrats are demanding that we defund the police before they allow children back in school. What does this have to do with our children getting educated?

It’s obvious why the Democrat news outlets and social media are banning this press conference. DEMOCRATS ARE INTENTIONALLY KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS. Yes, you read that correctly, democrats are intentionally killing us.

They are responsible for at least 70,000 to 100,000 American deaths, so far.

Why would they do this? Power. There is no other answer. Well, of course they want to get rid of President Trump, and that will give them more power!

Democrats will have you believe this is just a conspiracy theory. Social media will say this is all untrue.

Decide for yourself.

Either these doctors are real and they are telling the truth, or they are spreading disinformation. If you believe this is the truth, then you know democrats will stop at nothing to achieve power, including killing as many people as necessary.

In case the sounds like too much, in case you think accusing the Democrat party of murder is out of line, remember abortion. The Democrat party is responsible for abortion.

This law that they snuck through the Supreme Court in 1973 is responsible for over 70 MILLION DEAD BABIES. Yes, democrats have already murdered 70 million babies! They are already all-in.

Independents, conservatives, and yes, even democrats, it’s time to speak up against the social media monopoly! It’s time for the 21st century great awakening. Tell your friends and family.

Click here to take the red pill and wake up!

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