“Are you for sale?”

“Are you for sale?”

“I got to talk to the voters out there.

Are you for sale?

Because you were promised lots of things with your own money!

So here’s the reality, we’re going to borrow the money or we’re going to raise the taxes. I’m going to show you the tax calculations are complete fraud.

We’re going to buy your votes with your own money, and then we’re going to borrow a boatload of the spending that’s going to crush our retirement and crush your kids and your grandkids.

Yay! Go America!

We’re borrowing over 95,000 per second, and we borrowed over 3 TRILLION (his emphasis) dollars over the last year.

Total interest (Gross) costs to approach or exceed 1.1 trillion dollars in fiscal year 2024.

The burn rate right now is that we’re borrowing a trillion dollars about every $125 days! Does that get anyone’s attention?!”

-Congressman David Schweikert