The next shoe is getting ready to drop

The next shoe is getting ready to drop

If you think Democrat/global, liberal tyranny is over, you are completely wrong. These fascists haven’t given up on forced vaccination and vaccine passports.

America and many other countries are giving the World Health Organization complete control over their citizens.

Everything we’ve been through over the last 3 years was just a test run. Now they know they can get away with it, so they’re taking the next step.

If you want to travel, you will be assigned a “threat level.” Using this system they can stop anyone from going anywhere.

The global fascists will require:

– proof of medical examination and any laboratory analysis

– medical examinations

– proof of vaccination or other prophylaxis

– vaccination or other prophylaxis

They will also be able to:

– place suspect persons under public health observation

– implement quarantine or other health measures for suspect persons

– implement isolation and treatment were necessary of affected persons

– implement tracing of contacts of suspect or affected persons

– refuse entry of suspect and affected persons

– Refuse entry of unaffected persons to affected areas

They are also going to force the RSV vaccine on us.

That is just a small list of things global tyrants are going to impose on American and global citizens.

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