Tucker Carlson – the great sellout

Tucker Carlson – the great sellout

On Monday Tucker Carlson released absolute proof that DEMOCRATS lied and ILLEGALLY JAILED 1000s of patriotic Americans in federal prisons.

The rest of the week, nothing, and tonight he talks about the economy.

We’re supposed to believe out of 40,000+ hours of footage you could only find 2 minutes of footage that anybody could find by doing a 5-minute search on the internet?

The crimes committed against Patriots that day and the crimes that continue against us to this day have not been addressed by you or any other Republican.

@TuckerCarlson Tucker Carlson is probably the biggest sellout in America’s history.

“Here Are Five Horrific and Unforgettable Videos of January 6 Police Violence That Were Not Yet Picked Up in Tucker Carlson’s January 6 Capitol Hill Coverage This Week”