Don’t Let Them Wear You Down

Democrats are now trying to wipe the servers in Georgia. Why would there be “GRAVE AND SERIOUS CONSQUENCES” if they can’t delete everything on the servers? You would think that would be the case if they could!

These criminals just want to hide their election fraud.

For those of you who don’t understand, this has nothing to do with who’s the more popular person. Democrats have filled America with 70 million Democrat voting Latinos and Biden wants to give 20 million illegal Latinos American citizenship. You are witnessing the end of America. This isn’t just “doom and gloom.” It’s reality.

Democrats would never have gotten elected after 1965 if they wouldn’t have pushed through laws allowing mass immigration and zero assimilation.

We can’t let them wear us down. And by “them,” I mean Democrats and never-Trump Republicans. Democrats are trying to steal this election and Republicans who hate Trump are all too willing to give it to them.

There are still many good Republicans who are fighting the good fight to prevent Democrats/socialists/communists from taking over America completely. It’s going to happen anyway, sooner than later, but I would like to wait another four years!