The Republican Party Is At War With Itself

Strange times.

Gateway Pundit, I agree, Breitbart did put out a hit piece against Lin Wood and Sydney Powell. Why? Because they are calling for a boycott of the Georgia elections, which would be complete stupidity at this point.

Trump was also concerned. That’s why he called them to talk to them about this situation.

“The president directly communicated to both Powell and Wood the importance of re-electing Perdue and Loeffler, and believes his traveling to and campaigning in Georgia this weekend will make clear what MAGA voters should be doing.”

The Republican Party is in disarray at the moment. We have conservatives, strong Republicans, basic Republicans, moderate Republicans and liberal Republicans. Democrats on the other hand have one party, Democrats.

President Trump is the closest thing we have to a strong Republican in many years. I bite my lip when I say that because I know he’s not a conservative. He is more conservative than most of our Republican politicians today, besides Vice President Pence, who is a real conservative.

Breitbart was right to call out Lin Wood and Sydney Powell who would have lost us the Senate if we allowed them to continue. The Gateway Pundit is right to challenge Breitbart for attacking the integrity of Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. They are doing good work for President Trump.

I have recently been frustrated with Breitbart who has stopped reporting on election fraud. This started last week. It’s almost as if they are shuffling their feet, whistling in the air saying “nothing to see here” with these extremely fraudulent election stations all over America. Breitbart, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

On the other hand, Gateway Pundit is doing a fantastic job staying on every report of fraud. In my opinion, they are the number one website working hard to represent patriots in America. If Democrats steal this presidential election, it’s over for us. I don’t understand why Breitbart doesn’t get this.

The first link is directly to the Gateway pundit website. The second link is the Gateway Pundit going after Breitbart for attacking Lin Wood and Sydney Powell.