“How The Fed Is Killing The Global Economy”


I’ve been watching Peter Schiff for a long time. His main gig is gold, and he’s a smart guy. In this video, (at the bottom of the article) he explains the current market situation.

I have been saying these things for years, and it’s nice to see someone as smart as Peter, putting it all together in 15 minutes.

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Think about it, almost 95 million Americans are not in the workforce, and are not counted as unemployed. I know it’s “due to discouragement, retirement or otherwise,” but that’s almost one third of the entire population of America!

Under Obama’s administration, almost 15 million Americans have dropped out of the workforce, close to a 20% increase!

This discussion is only about the economic challenges of America. Most people have no idea of the global economic condition. I’ll leave that and more to another article.

Update. This just came out:

“Markets suffer their worst start to the year since Great Depression”


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Bear market? You have no idea.


A week ago Royal Bank of Scotland’s European economist published an apocalyptic forecast for the year, in which he urged investors to “sell mostly everything”. Andrew Roberts cited a destabilising China slowdown, global deflation, overindebtedness, an emerging market crisis and even robots destroying “30-50 per cent of all jobs in the developed world”.

He was followed this week by Albert Edwards, a Société Générale strategist, who warned of “global deflation and recession” and predicted that American share prices could lose three quarters of their value in the next 12 months.

Watch Peter Schiff on Info Wars to get the rest of the information on the current state of America’s economy. The interview starts 2 minutes in.


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