Prisoner release because of Iran deal?


USA Today tries to give the appearance that the prisoner release was because of the Iran deal. That is so far from the truth. Their opening paragraph reads:

In Vienna, Secretary of State John Kerry made the announcement of the prisoner releases official only moments after a U.N. watchdog group certified Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal.

So, the very first paragraph ties together the Iran deal with the prisoner release. Even the second paragraph Be late the language in Iran’s favor.

While the nuclear and prisoner issues were not formally linked, Kerry made it clear that diplomatic moves on one front spurred progress on the other.

By the third paragraph, John Kerry is practically doing an end-zone dance!

“While the tracks of negotiations were not directly related, there is no question that the pace and progress of the humanitarian talk accelerated in light of the relations forged and diplomatic channels unlocked over the course of the nuclear talks,” Kerry said. “And certainly in the time since we reached an agreement last July, there was significant pickup in that dialogue.”

Okay, so what Iranians really getting out of this deal?

Iranians pardoned

As part of the deal, Obama also agreed to pardon or commute the sentences of seven Iranians held by the United States, a senior U.S. official said on condition of anonymity because the president had not yet signed the pardon paperwork.

No, that’s not all:

The United States also agreed to release a number of Interpol “red notices” on Iranians wanted for crimes in the United States but not in U.S. custody, the official said.

So, Obama agreed to turn his back on a number of Iranian criminals, “wanted for crimes in the United States.”

Nope, that’s not all, there’s more!

Earlier, an unnamed U.S. official said in an email from the State Department that the U.S. had also agreed to drop efforts to seek the extradition of 14 Iranians on unspecified charges. Iranian officials said the 14 were being sought for alleged involvement in the purchase of arms from the U.S. to Iran.

Obama agreed to stop the extradition of 14 other Iranian criminals.

Let’s add this up:

– 7 Iranian criminals
– A number of Iranian criminals
– 14 more Iranian criminals

= a considerable number of Iranian criminals being exchanged for five innocent people.

Wait, no, that’s not all! Let’s not forget:

The announcement coincided with Kerry’s arrival in Vienna to meet Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to finalize the lifting of the sanctions, starting with the freeing up of some of the $100 billion in frozen Iranian assets. President Obama released an executive order lifting the sanctions Saturday afternoon.

Iran gets a check for $100+ billion dollars, plus countless Iranian criminals and we get five innocent civilians released in return, who should have been released a long time ago!

I’ve said it before, a used car salesman would be ecstatic to “negotiate” the purchase of a car with Obama. Obama would probably try to talk the price of the car up!


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