Did you know birth control pills cause abortions?


Ok, so not all birth control pills cause abortions, but they can. How many cause abortions? Nobody knows exactly, but birth control pills are intentionally made to cause abortions.

Why? Why would they make pills that cause abortions? Why not just make pills that prevent pregnancy? Well, it’s not because they don’t try. The problem is, nothing”s perfect, so they have to have a backup plan.

Let’s start with WebMD, hardly a pro-life site. I like to use neutral/pro-abortion sites for examples. Too often people say “Yeah, I’m not gonna believe that, it’s from a pro-life site.”

Anyway, WebMD says:

Hormonal contraceptives can also prevent pregnancy by changing the lining of the womb so it’s unlikely the fertilized egg will be implanted.

Hmm, “it’s unlikely the fertilized egg will be implanted.” A fertilized egg becomes a human being, so if you stop her from becoming implanted, that’s an abortion!

Many people want to look the other way. They want to pretend they aren’t causing abortions. They want easy solutions. The birth control pill is an easy solution, but it not only causes abortions, there are other issues.

Here are some other problems of the birth control pill from BodyEcology, another site that’s not exactly pro-life. The opening paragraphs read:

Did you know that an estimated 150 million women worldwide take birth control pills?

Such widespread use of birth control pills worries me because many women are not aware of the serious health implications of these drugs. I also believe that birth control pills are often prescribed to address symptoms (like cramping, spotting, irregular periods and acne) instead of the underlying causes of the symptoms.

Many women do not consider the very real (and sometimes very dangerous) side effects of these synthetic hormones, but you owe it to your body, and to your future children, to find out more.

Let’s look at some of the more “serious” health problems:

– Increased risk of cervical and breast cancers
– Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
– Migraines
– Higher blood pressure
– Gall bladder disease
-Benign liver tumors
-Decreased bone density
– Yeast overgrowth and infection
– Increased risk of blood clotting

Wait, They’re not done yet!

Birth control pills actually destroy the beneficial bacteria in your intestines, making you more susceptible to yeast overgrowth, lower immunity and infection.

Wow, cancer, stroke, heart disease, abortion… and women think this is a SOLUTION?

They certainly think it’s a solution to avoiding pregnancy, but even that isn’t true. I know women who have had children while they were taking the birth control pill. They followed the directions and took it on time, but that didn’t make a difference. They still wound up pregnant and with a baby.

How effective is birth control? Guttmacher, a Planned Parenthood information organization, says this about condoms:

The male condom is 98% effective with perfect use. However, the method failure rate increases to 18% with typical use. 

You say: “Hey, no fair, we were talking about birth control pills and now you’re talking about condoms!”

I led with that statistic because it should really smack you across the face. Remember, this is Guttmacher, a Planned Parenthood organization, and they say “the method failure rate increases to 18% with typical use.”

Key words TYPICAL USE!

Come on, if I wanted to sell you a car that only started 82 times out of a hundred, would you buy that car from me? What if I told you the car would blow up 18 times out of a  hundred? Would you buy that car for me?

It’s close enough to 20%, so let’s round it up. This means, according to Planned Parenthood, With “typical use,” you will wind up pregnant every five times you have sex. One, two, three, four, pregnant. One, two, three, four, pregnant.

A different perspective? Pretend Planned Parenthood sells pens. You buy 5 of them.  You put a pen in your pocket every day. Your shirt cost $100. If Planned Parenthood told you that one in five of their pens leaks, would you risk putting one in your shirt pocket?

Okay, I know a lot of people are getting mad at me because I’m comparing the wonderful experience of pregnancy and  children with leaking pens, cars blowing up and other problems. The reality of our discussion is that people are pursuing birth control to prevent becoming pregnant, because “unintended pregnancies” result in abortions.

What does Guttmacher have to say about the effectiveness of birth control pills?

Oral contraceptive pills, the hormonal patch and the vaginal ring all have failure rates of less than 1% with perfect use. With typical use, these methods are still 91% effective.

Seriously? Typical use of the birth control pill results in a 9% pregnancy rate? Wow!

One in 10. People roll the dice on a one in 10 chance of becoming pregnant. People risk killing their child through abortion on a one in 10 chance.


BodyEcology wraps it up with:

After years and years of taking birth control pills and creating an imbalanced inner ecosystem (with an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast), it is no wonder that women are at greater risk for infections as well as chronic diseases like cancer.

Planned Parenthood and other people/organizations push birth control products that cause extreme serious side effects, including death, cancer, and, of course, potential pregnancy. Unfortunately, modern people have bought into the idea that children are trouble, and because of this, and other selfish reasons, many Western nations aren’t even having enough children to continue the human race.

Of course, this is the end goal of many people in control of the world. They believe there are too many people on this earth, and they can think of no better way to reduce our population then to make us believe that children are inconvenient, expensive and no fun. They don’t care how many people are aborted, killed, and prevented from being born.

I’m not saying everyone should breed like rabbits. Obviously, not everyone can afford many children, and many people don’t want to have a lot of children. The point is, people need to have a real understanding of sex. Sex = baby. Not too many people will be surprised by that statement.

In other words, sex should be taught as a responsible act, not something people just do for fun. Our pro-sex schools teach our children “everyone’s gonna do it, so we should give them birth control.” They don’t teach the importance of coping with life, the importance of family and the importance of children. Instead, they teach the difficulty of life and the difficulty of children.

Spread the word. Help people understand birth-control is dangerous, ineffective and immoral. Help people understand that children are wonderful, not an inconvenience!