The History of Vietnam Ignored by Democrats

I’m not saying we should’ve gone into Vietnam in the first place. Democrats, John F. Kennedy and Johnson, had the bright idea to ramp up the war. Whatever. It was, what it was. Let’s remember the reality of the events though.

We did our best to minimize civilian casualties. For the most part, our men fought honorably, and sacrificed their lives. You can’t say the same for the enemy. The Viet Cong were brutal. They not only forced women and children to carry bombs and commit suicide while killing American soldiers, they committed countless atrocities.

The Vietnamese also threatened everyone who would support the Americans. They would slaughter entire villages full of people, women, children and men, and hang their heads on stakes.

During the Tet Offensive, countless civilians were tortured, and buried alive. Many victims were also clubbed to death.

At the Battle of Huế, as many as 6000 civilians were killed.

Reader’s Digest, November 1968. Article – “The Blood-Red Hands of Ho Chi Minh”


There is a lot covered in this amazing article about the atrocities of Ho Chi Minh, the Vietcong, North Vietnam and the Communists. Democrats chose to overlook the brutality of those people, instead, trying to say we were worse than them.

I will bring in the key points of the article. Let’s look at the early days in Vietnam.

Bloodbath Discipline.

The terror had its real beginning when Red dictator Ho Chi Minh consolidated his power in the North. More than a year before his 1954 victory over the French, he launched a savage campaign against his own people. In virtually every North Vietnamese village, strong-arm squads assembled the populace to witness the “confessions” of landowners. As time went on, businessmen, intellectuals, school teachers, civic leaders — all who represented a potential source of future opposition — were also rounded up and forced to “confess” to “errors of thought.”

There followed public “trials,” conviction and, in many cases, execution. People were shot, beheaded, beaten to death; some were tied up, thrown into open graves and covered with stones until they were crushed to death, Ho has renewed his terror in North Vietnam periodically. Between 50,000 and 100,000 are believed to have died in these blood-baths — in a coldly calculated effort to discipline the party and the masses.

To be sure, few who escape Ho’s terror now seem likely to tempt his wrath. During the 1950s, however, he had to quell some sizeable uprisings in North Vietnam — most notably one that occurred in early November 1956, in the An province, which included Ho’s birthplace village of Nam Dan.

So heavily had he taxed the region that the inhabitants finally banded together and refused to meet his price. Ho sent troops to collect, and then sent in an army division, shooting. About 6,000 unarmed villagers were killed. The survivors scattered, some escaping to the South. The slaughter went largely unnoticed by a world then preoccupied with the Soviet Union’s rape of Hungary.

Ho Chi Minh and the North Vietnamese were brutal tyrants, way before America got involved in this war. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge also murdered and indoctrinated millions in Cambodia, after the war.


With North Vietnam tightly in hand, the central committee of the North Vietnamese communist party met in Hanoi on March 13, 1959, and decided it was time to move against South Vietnam. Soon, large numbers of Ho’s guerrillas were infiltrating to join cadres that had remained there after the French defeat in 1954. Their mission: to eliminate South Vietnam’s leadership, including elected officials, “natural” leaders, anyone and everyone to whom people might turn for advice. Also to be liquidated were any South Vietnamese who had relatives in their country’s armed forces, civil, services or police; any who failed to pay communist taxes promptly; any with five or more years of education.

The village chief and his wife were distraught. One of their children, a seven-year-old boy, had been missing for four days. They were terrified, they explained to Marine Lt. Gen. Lewis W. Walt, because they believed he had been captured by the Vietcong.

Suddenly, the boy came out of the jungle and ran across the rice paddies toward the village. He was crying. His mother ran to him and swept him up in her arms. Both of his hands had been cut off, and there was a sign around his neck, a message to his father: if he or any one else in the village dared go to the polls during the upcoming elections, something worse would happen to the rest of his children.

The VC delivered a similar warning to the residents of a hamlet not far from Danang. All were herded before the home of their chief. While they and the chief’s pregnant wife and four children were forced to look on, the chief’s tongue was cut out. Then his genital organs were sliced off and sewn inside his bloody mouth. As he died, the VC went to work on his wife, slashing open her womb. Then, the nine-year-old son: a bamboo lance was rammed through one ear and out the other. Two more of the chief’s children were murdered the same way. The VC did not harm the five-year-old daughter — not physically: they simply left her crying, holding her dead mother’s hand.

Think about it, that was in 1968. The war didn’t end until 1975, after Democrats spat on American soldiers and called them baby killers. After Democrats ran countless stories attacking America and our soldiers.

The article continues:

General Walt tells of his arrival at a district headquarters the day after it had been overrun by VC and North Vietnamese army troops. Those South Vietnamese soldiers not killed in the battle had been tied up and shot through their mouths or the backs of their heads. Then their wives and children, including a number of two- and three-year-olds, had been brought into the street, disrobed, tortured and finally executed: their throats were cut; they were shot, beheaded, disemboweled. The mutilated bodies were draped on fences and hung with signs telling the rest of the community that if they continued to support the Saigon government and allied forces, they could look forward to the same fate.

These atrocities are not isolated cases; they are typical. For this is the enemy’s way of warfare, clearly expressed in his combat policy in Vietnam. While the naive and anti-American throughout the world, cued by communist propaganda; have trumpeted against American “immorality” in the Vietnam war — aerial bombing, the use of napalm, casualties caused by American combat action — daily and nightly for years, the communists have systematically authored history’s grisliest catalogue of barbarism. By the end of 1967, they had committed at least 100,000 acts of terror against the South Vietnamese people. The record is an endless litany of tortures, mutilations and murders that would have been instructive even to such as Adolf Hitler

Democrats/liberals were rioting in the streets, protesting against the Vietnam War, most of them, knowing nothing about what happens outside the borders of the United States, or, if they did, they chose to look at America as an evil country anyway.


In such fashion did the storm of terror break over South Vietnam. In 1960, some 1,500 South Vietnamese civilians were killed and 700 abducted. By early 1965, the communists’ Radio Hanoi and Radio Liberation were able to boast that the VC had destroyed 7,559 South Vietnamese hamlets. By the end of last year, 15,138 South Vietnamese civilians had been killed, 45,929 kidnaped. Few of the kidnaped are ever seen again.

Ho’s assault on South Vietnam’s leadership class has, in fact, been a form of genocide — and all too efficient. Thus, if South Vietnam survives in freedom, it will take the country a generation to fully replace this vital element of its society. But the grand design of terror involves other objectives, too. It hopes to force the attacked government into excessively repressive anti-terrorist actions, which tend to earn the government the contempt and hatred of the people. It also seeks valuable propaganda in the form of well-publicized counter-atrocities certain to occur at the individual level — for South Vietnamese soldiers whose families have suffered at communists’ hands are not likely to deal gently with captured VC and North Vietnamese troops.

Dr. A. W. Wylie, an Australian physician serving in a Mekong Delta hospital, points out that a hamlet or village need not cooperate with the Saigon government or allied forces to mark itself for butchery; it need only be neutral, a political condition not acceptable to the communists. After a place has been worked over, its people of responsibility are always identifiable by the particularly hideous nature of their wounds. He cites some cases he has seen:

— When the VC finished with one pregnant woman, both of her legs were dangling by ribbons of flesh and had to be amputated. Her husband, a hamlet chief, had just been strangled before her eyes, and she also had seen her three-year-old child machine-gunned to death. Four hours after her legs were amputated, she aborted the child she was carrying. But perhaps the worst thing that happened to her that day was that she survived.

The Reader’s Digest article ends with:

The full record of communist barbarism in Vietnam would fill volumes. If South Vietnam falls to the communists, millions more are certain to die, large numbers of them at the hands of Ho’s imaginative tortures. That is a primary reason why, at election times, more than 80 percent of eligible South Vietnamese defy every communist threat and go to the polls, and why, after mortar attacks, voting lines always form anew. It is why the South Vietnamese pray that their allies will stick the fight through with them. It is why the vast majority of American troops in Vietnam are convinced that the war is worth fighting. It is why those who prance about even in our own country — waving Vietcong flags and decrying our “unjust” and “immoral” war should be paid the contempt they deserve.

Finally, it is why the communists should be driven once and for all from South Vietnam — and why, if possible, the monsters who presently rule North Vietnam should be brought before the bar of justice.

As we know, thanks to the Democrats, South Vietnam “fell to the communists,” and millions of people were murdered, tortured and forced into indoctrination camps.

Democrats celebrated.

Millions of people in Cambodia and Laos were also slaughtered. In Cambodia, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were responsible for extreme genocide.

“Out of a population of approximately 7 million, about 2 million Cambodians were systematically exterminated, starved, or worked to death by the Khmer Rouge government (known to the people as simply, Angkar, or the organization). Over 25% of the Cambodian people died at the hands of the Angkar. To put it in terms Americans will understand, the American equivalent of the Cambodian genocide would mean the death of 70 million Americans.”

Thanks to Democrats, we had slavery, civil rights abuses, the Vietnam war and abortion. Because of Democrats, over 61 million human beings have been slaughtered in the United States of America by abortion. Democrats fight harder to protect mother Earth, Gaia, and animals, than they do human beings.

Hollywood Democrats do their best to paint America as a racist country, often comparing right-wing conservatives with Nazis. They portray our soldiers as murdering pigs, while the truth is, the average soldier just wants to fight for the American Way, defend America and kill bad people.

Democrats have supported communists since World War II. They have supported many dictators since World War II. They hold up evil people in high esteem.

In the 50s, right after World War II, Democrats were card-carrying communists. They supported Joseph Stalin, even though the man was responsible for the death of asst last 20 million people. To this day, Democrats still support him. They also support/supported other brutal leaders like Mao, 20 million+ dead under his rule, Che Guevara, A rebel murderer, El Chapo, A brutal murdering drug lord and, of course Cuba’s Fidel Castro, who oppressed his people for 47 years, and counting.

Let’s not forget one of the Democrat party’s biggest darlings, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. That organization of death takes in $500 million of taxpayer money every single year, and they are personally responsible for 300,000+ murdered humans, every single year.

By now, anybody who reads my articles will notice one common theme. Democrats are dangerous.

I pray for all the victims of the Vietnam War. I pray Vietnam War veterans know there are many Americans who are grateful for their service. They served me, my family and the United States of America, with honor.

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