Decriminalized murder leads to psychotic behavior


In Wisconsin, State Rep. Andre Jacque introduced a bill that would ban the use of murdered (aborted) babies for tissue and parts for scientific research, except for cells gathered prior to 2010. 

Dr. Robert Golden, Dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health at UW, is fighting against the bill. He made the psychotic statement:

“if women stopped having abortions, ‘It would have a substantial, negative impact to do the life-saving research we are doing.'”

This horrible, barbaric, psychotic statement comes from a Dean of a college. A place we send our children to learn. His position “has been backed by university faculty and some Wisconsin businesses.” More psychotic people.

I believe insane statements like this are a result of 43 years of decriminalized abortion, and the lack of effort of moral people to stop it.

Pro-abortion people make the argument that abortion is “legal.” By using the word legal, they believe they are justified in doing whatever they want.

Nellie Gray, founder of the March for Life in Washington DC, would always say “Abortion isn’t legal, it’s decriminalized.” She made the case that you can’t legalize the intentional killing of a person, just like you can’t legalize raping someone, all you can do is decriminalize criminal acts. Abortion, the intentional killing of a human being, is a criminal act.

Unfortunately, moral people do very little to stop abortion. Many believe it’s wrong, yet they will say things like “It’s murder, and I wouldn’t do it, but… (Insert your justification for abortion here)” So why shouldn’t a Dean of a college openly say he needs women to murder their children so that he can continue his evil experiments?

Rep. Jacque told LifeSiteNews that using aborted babies for medical research is:

“a tremendous affront to human dignity. It’s also a shortcoming of medical ethics that it’s allowed to occur. One of the standards we have in medicine is that you must have the consent of the patient. In this case, there is no way for valid consent to be given by an unborn child or a guardian acting in the best interest of that child.”

What this is really about is, pro-abortion people have the desire to use other people’s children to make their own lives better. Most of them wouldn’t volunteer their own children to be sliced up and used for scientific experiments. I say most, because unfortunately, some pro-abortion people are 100% psychotic, and they would be okay with that.

They believe in using other people’s children for scientific advancements just as much as they believe in using other people’s money to make it happen.”

Golden also said that the bill would have a negative effect on the federal government’s $76 million in fetal tissue research grant funding that employs 1,400 people across the country.”

Yes, the “federal government” steals $76 million from working American citizens to promote baby killing in the United States of America.

“Vulnerable populations have been repeatedly exploited [in human history],” continued Jacque. “There should be an agreement that we cannot allow the abortion of unborn children, and treating people as things. They are not commodities.”

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