Now we know, the vaccine does nothing

Democrats are now admitting the COVID-19 vaccine does nothing. They tell us even after we are vaccinated we still have to wear masks and practice social distancing. Most importantly, they are saying the VACCINE DOES NOT “PREVENT” COVID-19.

How Many Washington D.C. Police Officers Are Anti-White Thugs?

If white police officers zip-tied the hands of a black, suspected criminal, beating him and knocking his eye out, there would be rioting, rightfully so! Yet when black officers brutalize a white man like this, violating his rights, yawn, crickets chirping.

Some of the Washington DC police officers are no better than Criminal thugs. Democrats turn their backs on anti-white, anti-Jewish and anti-Asian violence, as long as the perpetrators of the violence are black or Latino.

Who Knew? It Does Make A Difference What Color You Are When You Murder Someone

Officer Chauvin did not intentionally “kill” George Floyd, yet he is accused of murder. These girls INTENTIONALLY killed the Pakistani driver while trying to steal his car, ignoring his dead body while looking for their cell phones. Yet they get a plea deal less than two weeks after their horrific crime.

In Democrat-controlled cities, the police are as bad as Antifa and other Democrat terrorists

I support the police unless they stand down against Antifa and black lives matter terrorists who attack and destroy us. When they ignore obvious criminals and arrest innocent patriots who are defending themselves, then THE POLICE ARE COWARDLY TRAITORS.

All over America, almost exclusively in Democrat cities, Democrat-controlled police ignore crime and allow attacks against Republicans/conservatives. shame on them for not doing their jobs.

If you live in these Democrat-controlled shit holes, you only have one choice, leave. You could try to stand up against the criminals and the police, but one will beat you up or kill you and the other will arrest you or kill you.

If you live in a city or state that is not completely Democrat-controlled, try to take control of the situation yourselves. demand that your police and your governmentstand up against these Democrat terrorists or vote them out of office!