Tucker Carlson exposes Trudeau’s fascism

Tucker Carlson exposes Trudeau’s fascism

“Have their been mass protests since the trucker convoys?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

“So it worked.”

Tucker Carlson points out the fact that totalitarianism works very well when tyrants scare the population by arresting innocent people and threaten the population with jail if they speak out against their governments.

Did you know the fascist Canadian media is literally paid for by the totalitarian Trudeau government?

What do you think you get if you finance your media? Lies, of course.

It’s just as bad in America as our media is even infiltrated by the FBI who helps steer the news.

Canadian and American governments round up political prisoners and instill fear into the population, threatening us with jail if we dare speak out or protest against them.

Democrats talk about their fear of America becoming as bad as Russia, when they have already turned America into old-school Russian, while Russia becomes more like America.