You only think you know what’s happening in Ukraine

You only think you know what’s happening in Ukraine

American and Western propaganda about Russia and Ukraine:

Russia is a paper tiger
Russia’s economy is collapsing
Putin is weak
Putin is sick
Putin is old
Putin is a tyrant
People of Russia hate Putin
Russia’s weapons are ineffective
Russia’s soldiers are deserting
Russian soldiers are canon fodder

Will Putin be assassinated by his own people?

Russia is running out of weapons because of Western sanctions.

Russia is bruised as winter approaches. Can Ukraine land another blow?

Russian forces ‘will soon be down to their last supplies of fuel’ after Kerch Bridge attack.

Russia running out of weapons as it faces ‘staggering’ numbers of casualties, spy chief says.

Zelenskyy vows to make battlefield ‘more painful’ for Russians after another day of deadly rocket strikes.

Russia is threatening nuclear war.


Joe Biden, American politicians and European politicians are the ones actually threatening nuclear war. Even the White House had to back off on one of Biden’s psychotic nuclear war statements.

Zelensky is a fascist, tyrant. He has banned all foreign media from reporting from the battlefield, he is forcing people into the military, no one is allowed to say anything negative about him or the war and he has outlawed all opposition parties.

In the west we call that a dictator.

Putin is healthy and fit.

Russia is doing fine. They have the best economy in the world and the strongest currency in the world.

A Ukrainian soldier told the Washington Post five Ukrainian soldiers are dying for everyone Russian soldier.

Although there is zero reporting from the Ukrainian side of the battle, every day there are countless videos, blogs, photographs and stories showing the slaughter of the Ukrainian soldiers and the complete destruction of American and Western equipment we have sent them.

An MSNBC investigation proved 70% of all the money and weapons going to Ukraine winds up on the black market. This means out of $80 billion dollars, only $24 billion dollars actually went to Ukraine.

Putin has the highest favorability of a leader in the world.

Putin pulled in 300,000 military reserve troops, yet almost 100,000 volunteers have signed up as well.

No, Russian people are not running away from serving their country.

Russia is not running out of weapons, they have many thousands of everything while Ukraine has literally nothing. Every single cannon, weapon or round of ammunition literally comes from America or Europe.

Russia is being supplied by Iran and other countries with suicide drones and other weapons.

Since Russia, unlike America, is actually using their own oil, they have unlimited supplies.

Russia will not have difficulty in the cold, their people are prepared and they have the proper equipment.

Ukraine’s latest offensive has cost them tens of thousands of troops while Russia has willingly given up the land to avoid casualties. It will change soon.

As soon as the new equipment and reinforcements arrive, Ukrainian soldiers will run all the way back to Kiev.

Dementia Joe, Democrats, RINOs and global liberals are the ones who have gotten us closer to nuclear war in all of history. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a tea party compared to what’s happening right now.

Contact your representatives and demand we stop this insane war with Russia. If they tell you we are not at war with Russia, ask them why we have spent more on weapons to fight Russia in the last 7 months than we have in all of history. Ask them why they’re not even trying to negotiate with Russia. Tell them if they don’t change their policies you’re going to vote them out!