“Vaccinated” Is People Control

“Vaccinated” Is People Control

Democrats pretend that they care if people are vaccinated or not. I say pretend because they have allowed 4 MILLION UNVACCINATED ILLEGAL ALIENS to pour across our southern border in the last 2 years.

We all know they’re letting in the illegals so they can vote Democrat, since studies showed that illegals freshly across the border will do so. How can they vote?

Democrats have created processes all across America which allow illegal aliens to vote. It hasn’t worked out the way Democrats hoped though.

There are 70 million legal Latinos in America, and they are sick and tired of democrat policies which are more closely related to the fascist, violent, tyrannical countries they left behind.

If Mexican Americans wanted gang wars, they could just go home. If Mexican Americans wanted drugs and violence, they could just go home. If Mexican Americans wanted open prostitution, they could just go home. If Mexican Americans wanted to struggle to pay their bills, they could just go home.

The reality is, mexican, El Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Brazilian and all the other Latinos are not interested in going home because America, without Democrats in control, is the best country in the world!

America is not a racist country. Everyone here has an opportunity to succeed. We don’t care what country you’re from, we only care that you respect America and be a good person. That goes for all of us!

This election, Latinos and women are going to be voting against Democrats in a landslide. I pray this isn’t just temporary.

Joe Biden and the tyrannical Democrats continue to allow millions of unvaccinated illegal aliens to pour across the border while they demand vaccine passports for the rest of us. It’s time to vote out these idiotic leaders who never deserved to get elected in the first place!

Gateway Pundit article