Democrats, Babies and Nuclear Iran

Think about it. A woman cut a human baby out of another woman so she could steal her child, but Colorado doesn’t acknowledge babies in the womb as humans. The baby died, so she will probably get away with murder.


It’s hard to believe Democrats play the game “it’s not a human until it’s born.”

It’s harder to believe Republicans haven’t exposed the Democrat party for the delusional, dangerous children they are, who refuse to accept reality when it comes to burglars terrorists and babies.

Let’s get into some logic here. Democrats, turn away now, you might get a headache.

“You’re pregnant, you’re having a…?”

Cow? Frog? Alligator? Baby?

Even a five-year-old child will fill in the rest of that sentence. You’re having a baby of course!

Number two. Iran wants to develop nuclear power in order to…?

– Provide power for their country
– Clean their air
– Put on a light show
– Destroy Israel, or at least be able to threaten them
– become a global superpower

Okay, that was a little tougher. Iran certainly could be happy with any of the last two, but I wouldn’t put it past the mullahs to annihilate Israel, even if there were retaliation. After all, their end-goal is to meet Allah, and they don’t care how fast that happens.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday you saw radical Muslims kill 150 civilians and injure 350 others, using three suicide bombers who obviously were in a hurry to meet Allah. So don’t try to convince me radical Muslims don’t have a death wish. I won’t believe you.

Instead of standing with Israel, Obama is in bed with Iran. instead of telling Israel, “We will do all we can to help you, our Jewish friends, and only major democracy in the Middle East,” he says “It’s time for the United States to ‘reassess’ our relationship with you.”


What is wrong with this man? why are we, the United States, allowing him to speak for us like this? I doubt you could find 20% of the population who would say it’s time to “reassess” our relationship with Israel.”

And what is wrong with my Jewish brothers and sisters, who continue to vote for Democrats? Why do they vote for politicians who fight harder to weaken Israel and America, while strengthening our enemies?

This is North Korea all over again. Democrats say “trust us, they just want friendly nuclear power, and we shouldn’t be stopping them from being able to care for their population.

We all know how North Korea turned out.

Every leader in the world, including Saudi Arabia and other Arabic countries, know that Iran wants nuclear weapons.

If there were ever a “Danger Will Robinson!” moment, this would be it. Too bad Democrats don’t have a robot like the one in ‘Lost in Space.’ Well, even if they did, they wouldn’t believe the robot. They don’t even believe their own military leaders and leaders around the world, who are telling them how dangerous a nuclear Iran would be.

Remember this from a couple years ago?

“American officials have confirmed that Iranian military brass have endorsed a nuclear electromagnetic pulse explosion that would attack the country’s power system.

American defense experts made the discovery while translating a secret Iranian military handbook, raising new concerns about Tehran’s recent nuclear talks with the administration.”


No, instead of recognizing the danger of a nuclear Iran, Democrats act more like this is just another episode of ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ and if it all goes wrong, they can just say “aw shucks,” and then, it would just come to the end of the episode, no harm done.

Some people say I’m too divisive when I point out the childish, dangerous, unconstitutional, illegal, immoral behavior of the Democrat party. You just can’t tiptoe around serious situations though, so in my opinion, people need to be much more divisive.

43 million people are killed around the world, by their mothers, because of abortion every year. Over 1 million are killed in the United States every year. Let me repeat one critical part of that, “by their mothers.”

Democrats have succeeded in convincing mothers of the world that killing their children is a good thing. It covers all kinds of problems, like poverty, health, social and personal. Abortion has become a “fix” for life’s difficulties. Unfortunately, post-abortive women find out they have to live with the temporary fix of abortion, forever.

There are few things more permanent than killing your own child, and I can’t imagine anyone who has ever done it, will ever forget it.

You really have to pause right there. Why would anybody vote for a party who demand the right to kill unwanted human beings, innocent babies in the womb?

Democrats are a strange party. they fight hard to release murdering criminals and justice hard to kill innocent babies. last week, it was shown that Obama was responsible for the release of over 140,000 pedophiles, rapists, murderers and other violent criminals. Why, for their votes, of course. Who cares if they molest our children or rape and kill our wives? Certainly not the Democratic Party, the party who tries to take weapons away from American citizens who want to defend themselves from the criminals Democrats release into our population.

Democrats claim to be the party of “the little guy.” The truth is, the only people they want to help are those who can vote for them right away.

With a straight face, a Democrat can look you in the eyes and say “Okay, the baby wasn’t a human because she was still inside the woman’s body when she was cut of the womb. Therefore, the woman who slashed the baby out of the womb, who died, can’t be tried for murder.”

Yeah, these are the people you want to trust with nuclear negotiations. Again, remember North Korea.

‘Nuff said