Washington Post accuses Ofc. Darren Wilson of executing Michael Brown

The Washington Post attempts to set the record straight on “hands up don’t shoot,” but accuses Darren Wilson of executing Michael Brown.

Their exact words are:

“federal investigators could not confirm witness accounts that Brown signaled surrender before being killed execution-style.”


They repeat their attack on Wilson later in the article:

“Investigators have overwhelmingly rejected witness accounts that Brown had his hands up in a surrender before being shot execution-style.”

There are two parts to the story. Or should I say, there are two lies to the story. The first one is that Michael Brown had his hands up and said “hands up don’t shoot.” The second lie is that Michael Brown was shot “execution-style.”

The Department of Justice report completely supports Officer Wilson’s explanation of what happened. They said:

As detailed throughout this report, the evidence does not establish that the shots fired by
Wilson were objectively unreasonable under federal law. The physical evidence establishes that
Wilson shot Brown once in the hand, at close range, while Wilson sat in his police SUV,
struggling with Brown for control of Wilson’s gun. Wilson then shot Brown several more times
from a distance of at least two feet after Brown ran away from Wilson and then turned and faced
him. There are no witness accounts that federal prosecutors, and likewise a jury, would credit to support the conclusion that Wilson fired at Brown from behind. With the exception of the two wounds to Brown’s right arm, which indicate neither bullet trajectory nor the direction in which Brown was moving when he was struck, the medical examiners’ reports are in agreement that the
entry wounds from the latter gunshots were to the front of Brown’s body, establishing that

Brown was facing Wilson when these shots were fired. This includes the fatal shot to the top of
Brown’s head. The physical evidence also establishes that Brown moved forward toward Wilson
after he turned around to face him. The physical evidence is corroborated by multiple eyewitnesses.

In the report, you can see the words “execution-style” are used only by witnesses who provided inaccurate information.

The problem is, the “execution-style” narrative was used from the very beginning. The Democrat media loved to use those words to imply police officers are executing minorities in America.

So, is the Washington Post trying to do the right thing, or are they just typical, disingenuous, liberal Democrats, doing what they always do, manipulate the public?