McDonald’s crashes and burns

Left-wing McDonald’s crashes and burns on the fast food market.

Remember, not long ago, when McDonald’s embraced Obama’s former communications guy, Robert Gibbs? CEO Steve Easterbrook said that Gibbs was going to help:

“build a more modern, progressive burger company.”

Yeah, right, that’s what you say to a population of people, at least 25% of America, who despise left-wing politics.

The instant McDonald’s made that statement, I decided never to eat at there again. If they were left-wing enough to hire Gibbs, that means they donate to Democrats and support abortion, child killing. That’s not a company where I want to spend my money.

When I saw this article about how McDonald’s was getting its butt kicked by other fast food joints, I had to wonder how much Chick-fil-A had a part in this. Of course, since it is a liberal CNBC news article, they don’t even mention Chick-fil-A!

After doing a search, I saw that McDonald’s is now number two, after Chick-fil-A. Oh, and by the way, Chick-fil-A is not open on Sunday!

Hey McDonald’s, I won’t eat at your establishment again until you get rid of Robert Gibbs. Well, maybe not even then, only if you come out with a statement saying you oppose abortion. Then I will gladly eat one of your hamburgers again.

Peter Shinn
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