Call for Life Today! – Friday May 4th

It’s the first Friday of the month & it’s time to Call for Life!

Every month on the first Friday we call and/or email our representatives to let them know that they need to defend life. What do I say & who do I call? Go to for everything you need to know and do.

When we finally end the horror of abortion, will you be one of those who stood up for LIFE?

Pick up the phone and call your representatives right now. If you have time, send them an email as well. Remember to come out to an abortion mill tomorrow and pray for the women who are going in & for the babies who probably won’t make it out.

The unborn only have us. If we don’t call for them, who will?

United we stand – Divided they die – Pass it on

Video – Rev. Rob Schenck at the Supreme Court as a pro-abortion crowd appeared

Last week, the Supreme Court upheld the partial birth abortion ban by a vote of 5 – 4. Partial birth abortions are considered to be the most gruesome procedures by many Pro-Life leaders. It is one in which a baby, up to the day of delivery, is partially delivered feet first, up to the head, and then killed before removing the dead body from the woman. and were there with Rev. Rob Schenck from as many pro-abortion women descended upon us to speak their disapproval with the ruling.

Click the play button below to watch the video.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The Senate is poised to once again push through an embryonic stem cell research bill. If passed, the bill S. 5 would cause the deaths of countless American lives in order to potentionally benefit treatments of various ailments.

Many say that we should focus on the realities of the lack of progress in ESC. I believe we should focus on the reality of the immoral act of killing the human beings to use them for our benefit. I know there are no known cures for ESC and there are 72 known cures for adult stem cell research and cord blood research.

Click here for a comparison chart

Again, the main point is that ESC kills human beings. We are not Nazis, our government shouldn’t behave like we are.