Gun Control

This Won’t Pass

Unfortunately, generation after generation has been the saying “this too shall past,” never actually dealing with the significant issues that have been changing the fabric of our country.

Today, we’re at a turning point in America.

Fifty five years ago, Republicans turned their backs on the Democrat goal of filling the country with Democrat-voting latinos.  Why? Because they wanted the cheap labor.

In 1965 there were 4 million, today there are over 65 million Democrat-voting Latinos in America. There are an additional 20 million illegals who will become Democrat voting citizens as soon as Democrats complete their takeover. Democrats succeeded in adding almost 100 MILLION SOCIALIST, DEMOCRAT-VOTING LATINOS to this country. That means 1/3 of the population of Mexico is in America, taking up almost 1/3 of our population today.

Because of this reality, President Trump will be the last Republican President. Federal politicians won’t be far behind. Our United States will be completely controlled by democrats. They already control the news, NPR, NASA, social media, Congress, the pentagon, unions, police departments in all major cities, our school systems and every government office.

What will pass?

Our only choice is to secede from this so-called “union.”

As it stands, conservatives are losing their jobs, being rejected from schools, being passed over for promotions, being demonized from and being disconnected from their social media sites.

Republicans have always tried to get along with the democrats. The naive, gullible good people of this country thought that things go back-and-forth, naturally. They figured Democrats would be in power for a while and then comes the turn of the republicans, and so on.

This was a pipe dream.

Democrats refused to leave control of America up to fate. They planned on how they could completely take over, and they have succeeded.

The crazy thing is, 95% of the land in America is owned by republicans. Or at least it’s occupied by them. I’m not sure who actually owns it. Democrats know it doesn’t matter who owns the most land, the most important thing to controlling America is who controls the votes of people in the electoral college parts of the country. This means cities.

Democrats also made sure to sprinkle Democrat-voting “immigrants” into the important battleground States as well.

Americans need to start planning which States they want to retreat to. If they don’t, democrats will stop us from escaping. Good people of America have trusted evil, federal republicans for too long. These two-faced politicians sold us out, and are untrustworthy.

As we have seen this week, former president Bush, Mitt Romney and former secretary of defense, Colin Powell have all joined together to speak against. so-called racist white people and so-called white supremacist, racist, President Trump. They are going to support democrats, the baby-killing party of abortion. This is unconscionable and unforgivable. There are many traitors like them in this country.

One of the things I did for many years in the pro-life movement was call out the back stabbing ways of the Republican party. Even so called pro-life media representatives just used the pro-life party to enrich themselves.

I became unpopular because I was exposing the hypocrisy of our so-called allies.  Senators and congressmen come around every 2 or 4 years just to put their arms around us and tell us how pro-life they are. Then, after we work hard to get them elected/re-elected, they pat us on the back and ignore us until the next election.

Do they try to end abortion?


Don’t pretend they do. We all know better. They present bills that they never intend on pushing through. Republicans completely controlled Congress During the Reagan administration, the two Bush administrations and the 1st two years of the Trump administration. In all those years, HAVE REPUBLICANS EVER TRIED TO END ABORTION?

No, not once!

Democrats are the complete opposite. When they get in power they push through everything they want. They gave us Obamacare and plenty of other liberal laws. Even though democrats haven’t been able to push through federal anti-gun laws, they have succeeded with their anti-Second Amendment policies in almost every state. They have even manipulated naive and gullible, and sometimes willing federal and state republicans to pass what they refer to as “common sense” anti-Second Amendment laws.

And seriously, where is the Republican health care plan?! They talked about it for years, yet it doesn’t exist, does it? Obamacare is still the law of the land.

Conservatives, independents and anyone else who believes in capitalism and a free United States, wake up already!

As we have seen for the last 10 days, democrats are extremely unkind and brutal people. At least 3 police officers have been killed and a dozen other innocent civilians as well. Countless stores have been destroyed, people have been beat up and cities have been looted. This is all because of the lie that black Americans are brutalized by white police officers.

People say you can’t call out a person for not being a Christian. I completely disagree. I believe the Democrat party is made up of satanic, hateful people whom are responsible for the death of almost 70 million babies in this country alone. Babies are also dismembered and their body parts are sold around America.

Are you telling me I can’t say these despicable people aren’t Christians?

This won’t pass. It’s time to plan a new future for us, unless you want to live under Democrat rule.

Think about it, if a Democrat will slaughter a baby in the womb, a poor, defenseless little human being, what do you think they will do to us, people whom they despise!?

Democrats Are Exposed By The Riots

Democrats Are Exposed By The Riots

America is in flames & our leaders refuse to end it. Many of these police chiefs, mayors & governors are DEMOCRATS who SIDE WITH THE CRIMINAL THUGS. Their daughters actively participate & help the terrorists.

Republicans aren’t free and clear of the stupidity that we are witnessing right now. Nikki Haley, Former Republican governor of South Carolina had the gall to say:

The Thugs Are “Coming To The Suburbs”

The Thugs Are “Coming To The Suburbs”

Thugs who loot and burn America have been emboldened a number of times, as, repeatedly, Democrat leaders have told the police to stand down, allowing them to loot and destroy.

Now, those emboldened thugs say “f**k the police!” and “we’re coming to the suburbs.”


Hmm, I wonder what they will be doing in the suburbs? Hosting a tea party? Coffee and donuts?

No. They are now threatening to bring their anti-white violence to our neighborhoods.

For many years we have seen what Democrat controlled cities and States do to criminals. They embolden them and they let them do whatever they want. City after city has burned and been looted. It doesn’t take a genius to know what they’re going to do to the suburbs when they get there.

California, Washington, Minnesota, New York and other States have seen plenty of rioting and looting. Not once have the police been told to engage these criminals. NOT ONCE.

When the Democrat Antifa thugs took over downtown Portland, Oregon, they forced drivers to detour down roads they didn’t want to go. Police officers sat on their motorcycles and twiddled their thumbs, ignoring these criminals as they paraded in the middle of the streets, forcing drivers in other directions.

Democrats manufactured the Charlottesville riot, illegally canceling a legal marching permit, while pushing violent Antifa into the crowds, then telling police to stand down. The resulting violence was no surprise to anyone except for people who weren’t paying attention.

Do you still want to give up the 2nd Amendment? Do you really think Democrat-controlled police will come when the thugs are looting and burning your neighborhoods and stores? They haven’t come yet. So what makes you think they will now?

Justin Trudeau Declares “I’ve Got Mine, And I’m Coming For Yours.”

Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau bans “assault-style weapons.” Of course his security team will be allowed to carry them. Just not citizens who want to defend themselves from criminals or an out-of-control government.


“The Royal Canadian Mounted Police believe the gunman did not have a license to purchase the weapons used in the shootings and were likely obtained illegally.”

Yeah. The guns were purchased illegally. Obviously, this means a shooting like the one he is talking about can happen again. Just because the tyrant Trudeau stopped citizens from defending themselves and having their own guns doesn’t mean criminals will now say “Oh gee, look, Justin Trudeau banned assault style weapons. I guess I can’t buy one from other criminals now!”

Democrats / liberals are tyrants. They believe government knows better than us stupid, uneducated people in the private sector. Conservatives believe in “by the people, for the people.” Democrats / liberals believe “we know what’s best for you. Sit down and shut up.”