Good job Joe Biden, no one could have helped Trump get elected more than you

Good job Joe Biden, no one could have helped Trump get elected more than you

What did CNN have to say about “Biden’s performance?”

“The candidacy has fallen. I’m worried about the president. We should pray for the president. I think his advisors… I think the White House, I think his family has a lot of explaining to do for their party and to the American people.”

-Scott Jennings – CNN senior political commentator

Notice how dour the CNN panel looks?

Joy Reid said:

“I too was on the phone throughout much of the debate. Umm, with umm, Obama, world people with the Democrats, with political operatives, with campaign operatives my phone never really stopped buzzing throughout. And the universal reaction was somewhat approaching panic.

The people who were texting with me were, umm, very concerned, umm, about President Biden’s seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak.

I’ll reiterate what I said earlier. President Biden had one job tonight, one primary job. Yes it was to mitigate Donald Trump’s, you know, criminality and all of those things, but he had to settle his own party. He needed to settle Democrats. Joe Biden’s job was to reassure them tonight. His job was to calm his party, to make them feel that yes, I can do this, I have four more years in me. I have the ability and stamina to do four more years.

He did not do that. He did the opposite of that. He made them more panicked. The people who were texting me were even more panicked. They actually expected it to be better than it was.”

Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks said:

“The split screen was killing Biden. Because he’s got his mouth open, he looks confused, doesn’t know where he is, he’s lost his train of thought at least twice, and like disastrous shape. Those are going to be played a million times in viral video after viral video.

This is an epic disaster. I see people online say ‘well, okay, well, that answer wasn’t so bad.’ any particular answer doesn’t matter at all. This thing is OVER!

He looks like he’s barely surviving! I don’t mean the debate, I mean life! So, there’s no person that has a single brain cell left in their head who thinks Joe Biden is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump. He would have to be even crazier than Donald Trump to think that.

This thing is over, over… I’ll guarantee you this, show me a Democrat politician and I will bet them any amount of money that Joe Biden’s going to lose this election if he’s in it. It’s a guaranteed loss.

You’re telling me this is the most important election in my lifetime? You’re telling me democracy is on the line? And you’re going to put on a guy who can’t even talk?! He can’t even sit there and look normal!

This thing is a bloodbath! He’s going to get annihilated!

Now the Democrats have to decide. Are they happy to lose? Are they willing to lose? Because this is a guaranteed loss.”


Either Joe Biden got Donald Trump elected tonight, or he guaranteed his replacement before the election.

This was nothing new to those of us who don’t watch the mainstream media. We’ve known all along Joe Biden has dementia, loses his train of thought frequently, is feeble, weak, and he is ready for an old folks home.

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