Three Months Till World War III

Three Months Till World War III

Three months

The scuttlebutt is we are 3 months away from direct war with Russia.

“NATO wants to help Ukraine to create a so-called NATO-Ukraine mission. This means that NATO will coordinate the transfer of weapons to Ukraine.

They will create three large bases, where they will hand over weapons to Ukraine, but here in the territory of NATO countries, in Poland, Slovakia, Romania.

We are not willing to do this. We think that where weapons are handed over, that becomes a military target from the enemies point of view, and anything could happen there. So the Ukraine mission means that NATO will create these weapon-coordination transfer points.

The second is that NATO members will provide money to support Ukraine’s military efforts. And the third is that they will train Ukrainian soldiers. There is a debate about whether this will take place on their own territory or on the territory of Ukraine. But the point is that they are directly involved in the training of Ukrainian soldiers going to the front line.

Now Hungary does not want to take part in this. And this problem has to be solved. Of course we have huge pressure on us, as 31 member states are pushing us to move from the side of peace to the side of war.”
-Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban

Why do you think all of the countries are spinning up a forced military draft? Even in America, the house just passed a bill that will automatically register all of our youth for selective service.

European and American Democrat / RINO leaders are chomping at the bit to start World War 3.


Right wing politicians are set to win elections across the board. It’s already happened in France, Belgium, Germany and pretty soon, America.

The warmongers need a war to stay in power.

You may call me Chicken Little, but not speaking out against the possibility of this horror makes you a sheep.