America and the West step closer to nuclear war

America and the West step closer to nuclear war

Since war-mongering America and the West are putting nuclear weapons closer and closer to Russia, Putin has decided to put nuclear weapons closer to America.

Fair is fair, right?

Since war-mongering America and the West are staging war maneuvers right next to Russia, shouldn’t Russia get together with their allies and stage war maneuvers against us?

Fair is fair, right?

America and the West are responsible for over 20,000 Russian dead citizens, and 50,000 Dead Russian soldiers, so far. We are directly responsible. We not only send the weapons to Ukraine, we provide them with drone reconnaissance, GPS coordinates, satellite overview, military intelligence, weapons training, and on-site weapons control.

We are at war with Russia. It’s only because of the naive, gullible, and ignorant citizens of America and the West that things have gotten so out of control.

Like I have said over and over, what’s happening now makes the Cuban Missile crisis look like a game of patty cake.

Putin is not naive, gullible or ignorant. He sees what is happening to his citizens, and how America is attacking Russia. He is doing what’s necessary to defend his people.

America helped Ukraine destroy one of Russia’s newest fighter jets, the SU-57, over 300 miles inside Russian territory. America’s motto is “Russian red lines are meant to be crossed, but don’t you dare cross ours.”

Russia now has warships and nuclear submarines off the coast of America. We are way, WAY past the danger of the Cuban Missile crisis.

Not only are there nuclear missiles aimed at America off the coast, Putin put up a map showing the eight countries who would help destroy America with nuclear weapons.

Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Serbia, Yemen, Iran, and North Korea all signaling they would help host nuclear weapons to strike America.

“These are the eight countries from where Russia could strike the West and Western assets.”

Russian State TV

On top of this, Belarus is now staging war drills, including nuclear preparedness.

“Even the combined nuclear arsenals of Europe and the United States would not be able to match Russia should there be a confrontation.”

-Vladimir Putin

We have been so cozy all the way on the other side of the ocean, away from the battlefront, and we never had to feel the reality of the war.

That’s over.

You might say to me “Wait, It sounds like Russia is preparing for nuclear war, not America, why do you say America and the West are doing so?

Russia is responding to our actions, they didn’t start the war in Ukraine, and we have been staging nuclear weapons closer and closer to them over the last 30 years. They are responding to our actions.

Do you blame them?