Understanding the power of AI

Understanding the power of AI

If you haven’t heard, META / Facebook and Google recently had egg on their faces for how their artificial intelligence programs portrayed historical figures. More on that in a little bit.

Democrats certainly understand the power of AI.

To a Democrat, artificial intelligence:

-is something that can be used to prevent conservatives from seeing information.

-is something that can be used to help liberals and everyone who agrees with Democrats become better educated and find important information.

-can be used to make the lives of Democrats easier while making the lives of conservatives / Republicans more difficult.

-can be used to monitor conservatives / Republicans, to pass on specific data to Democrats.

-is used to help Democrats win elections.

-is used to make conservatives / Republicans lose elections.

-will be used to prevent conservative / Republicans from getting promoted or from getting the jobs they want.

-will be used to prevent conservatives / Republicans from advancing in higher education.

Artificial intelligence can only be as credible as the people who are programming it. As we saw a couple of weeks ago, left-wing Democrats working at Google and META / Facebook, turned AI into a monster who would only answer questions correctly if they benefited Democrats or minorities.

They also replaced images of historical white people with those of Asians and black people.

Imagine this kind of oops on a grand scale. Imagine you go to apply for a loan but the artificial intelligence doesn’t just check your credit history, it checks the way you voted. Conservative / Republican?

Nope, denied!

There are many things that require oversight, that’s why we have government. The reality is our government has become Democrat controlled. This includes the DOJ, IRS, FBI, CIA and every other alphabet government organization. They are all Democrat-controlled!

Who do you think is going to create the laws to regulate AI and how do you think that’s going to affect us? Who do you think is going to oversee these laws?

There are only a small handful of conservative Republicans in Congress, perhaps 10. To understand this horrible reality you have to realize there are 435 Representatives in the House and 100 senators in the Senate.

Think about that, out of 535 people who are creating & legislating laws that affect 335 million Americans, there are, at the most, 5 or 10 conservatives!

Google and Facebook are both owned and operated by hardcore Democrats, who believe anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is a QAnon, fascist, Trump supporting Nazi. You’re dreaming if you believe these people think of us as the “United States of America.”

Democrats are doing everything possible to make sure everyone who disagrees with them is broke, without a house or bank account, and will never succeed in their America..

Will a handful of politicians be able to stop the runaway train of AI?


Note. Since America’s education is controlled by the democrats, I need to add something for those of you who have been educated by them.

No, there were no black founding fathers.

No, there were no black Indians.

No, there were no black Nazis.

No, women don’t play in the NFL.

No, there never was a female or black pope.

No, there were no black vikings.

No, Anne Boleyn wasn’t black.

Not long ago, anti-white British “Hollywood” decided to portray Queen Anne Boleyn as a black woman in a three-part miniseries. Why not they figured, she could have been.

Of course this caused quite a bit of an uproar when people saw it. Smithsonian answered like this

The racist overtones of this outcry weren’t lost on Turner-Smith, who tells Glamour’s Abigail Blackburn that she knew “it would be something that people felt very passionately about, either in a positive or a negative way, because Anne is a human in history who people feel very strongly about.” As the actress adds, she responded to the criticism by focusing on the story she and the series’ creators wanted to tell—a “human story” of Anne as a mother.

Yeah, what’s wrong with all you racists! Anne was a mother, it doesn’t matter what color she was! Who cares if she was an actual, White Queen in England?!

Then there was the movie about cleopatra. Hollywood insisted Cleopatra was black.

They claimed “nobody knows what color she was.”

Really? Egypt responded with:

Cleopatra, who was born in the Egyptian city of Alexandria in 69 BCE and came from a Greek-speaking dynasty, was not Black but rather of European ancestry.

They sound fairly certain to me.

History belongs to the victors, and the present and future belongs to those in control.

Either speak out against the insane issues and policies happening in America, or don’t complain when you lose all your rights.

The reality is, Democrat-controlled, artificially intelligent algorithms will block this post from being seen. The search engines already overlook my personal website.

YouTube demonetized my channel because I defend humans from abortion.

Facebook deleted my account that had 5,000 friends, 35 groups and pages and 15 years of hard work in it. They didn’t even give me a reason. They just deleted it.

The same happened on LinkedIn, but they allowed me to grovel at their feet and promise I would never post anything political again. After they restored my profile, 4 years ago, I never posted again.

Take a stand, or don’t complain when it happens to you.